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Word Power – Word of the Day: Resiliency

Word of the Day: Resiliency

I just read a great quote about failure and resiliency on Twitter, it was something about how you haven’t actually failed until you stay down after a fall.

How many of you have failed at something or had a less than stellar work or life experience? It feels awful right? Yup, I’ve been there too!

Research shows though, that tough times really do make you stronger. Developing resiliency is a key indicator of a deeper sense of life fulfillment and meaning. Whether it’s in the area of personal growth or professional leadership skill development, having resilience, the ability to learn from all manner of experiences is a trait common to successful people.

Yes, we will all fall. It’s what we chose to do after that makes the difference!

Your Daily Self Care Routine – Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga?


Your Morning Cup of Self Care

So, many women I know feel that they don’t have time for meditation and yoga first thing in the morning, yet, even ten minutes directed to these self care activites can provide a positive start to your day and elevate your emotional health and mood.

Set a timer and do five minutes of mindfulness meditation. I like using Pinterest for great visuals and instructions. I also like the quote that 99% of meditation is showing up!

Then, pick three yoga postures or stretches and hold each one for one minute and do one minute on shivasana to complete your self care routine for the morning. Another way to incorporate the yoga is to create a simple flow of a few standing postures and do these in sequence.

Starting your day with the intention of directing loving self compassion your own way is the best self care there is!

Inspiring Women: Vancouver Women’s March – Let’s Keep the Energy Going!

Vancouver women come together in powerful solidarity in the January 21 women’s march!

A collage of a powerful and inspiring day!

One of my three daughters and I joined thousands of other women, men, girls and boys for a lively and respectful Women’s March of Solidarity in Vancouver.

I ran into many friends from the yoga and coaching communities as well as friends from previous work environments. It felt like a homecoming!

I left feeling jazzed, exhilarated and exhausted.

It seems like the real work begins now, that of maintaining and living the principles of unity, hope, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

Onward. Ho. In Love.


Heart & Soul: Healing the Heart

Healing the Heart

I’ve talked before about my personal health ‘adventure’, having a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) which precipitated a heart attack in 2008 and subsequently being diagnosed with what’s been considered a rare condition Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD). It’s now thought that FMD is under diagnosed and may not be as rare as originally thought.

Regardless, I have been instructed by my cardiologist to avoid emotional stressors. Indeed, my heart is a fabulous receptor to the level of stress in my life and seems to be becoming even more finely tuned. My heart sends me messages. I have learned to listen to these messages … right away … without fail!

I have also learned how toxic negative emotions are to my physical body. I can not hold onto negativity or those ‘messages’ from my heart start up really fast!

As a means of keeping my heart soft, open and loving, I have learned, how important it is to be clear about my personal values and needs. I know that I alone am responsible for ensuring my needs are met in ways congruent with my values. I need to practice forgiveness and release ‘old stuff’ that feels anything but caring. I know my signature strengths and create a life that allows these to be woven through out. I hold my friends and family close.

It comes full circle as by engaging in the above practices my heart is healed and I have more love to share.

Calling for Higher Thought

Higher Thought

It hit me in a deeper way on my walk this morning, the notion that we are all being called on to employ a ‘higher level’ of thought and hold ‘both/and’ concepts concurrently. From that foundation, we get to choose, every moment, every hour, every day, which way we direct our thoughts, actions and behaviors.

How this shows up for me is that I can observe and acknowledge the volatility in the outside world, have strong opinions, act in ways where I refuse to accept hatred, racism and misogyny and still work towards  inner peace and ‘unconditional positive regard’ for all.

This may sound simple, however, I have found, it does not always come easily.

Enjoy your day!

Leadership & Conversations that Matter

Leadership & Conversations that Matter

In many areas of my life, the theme this week has been about taking a risk to open up, allow oneself to be abit vulnerable and hence, ‘creating space’ for conversations that matter.

Possibly due to the current chaos in the world (take your pick), possibly due to the season of the year, possibly due to the ‘circle of life’ (my dad is 94 and in poor health); personal conversations this week have gone deep.

Additionally, in the area of ‘leadership’, organizational development and neuroscience research supports the notion that frequent, positively focused ‘conversations that matter’ spark innovative and creative thinking.

So, my friends, have a fabulous day, rich in possibilities and full of conversations that matter.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to My American Friends & Family!

Happy American Thanksgiving

We recently participated in a wonderful extended family reunion of a bunch of Americans and Canadians of various faith traditions and belief systems.

My own family of origin and offspring are clustered around Vancouver BC and Houston TX.

So today, we remember in mindfulness and thanksgiving, the blessings of family and friends; of traditions and rituals; of giving thanks to the land; of honouring Nature and all people and generations.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

Words of Wisdom: Sunday Blessings

Sunday Blessings

May your day be filled with an abundance of love, joy and blissful energy!


Affordable Student Massage: Vancouver Based

Langara College Vancouver  RMT Program

Did you know that the Langara College RMT programs hold student clinics most days of the week? The location is convenient, near Whole Foods on Cambie & 8th Ave in Vancouver.

You can book in with a ‘student massage therapist’ for a super reasonable price. The main thing to be aware of is that the instructor might pop in to check on the student’s technique.

The number to call for more information is


Enjoy your relaxing!

Women | Life | Wisdom: The Importance of Self Compassion

Mindful Self Compassion

I recently re-connected with a dear friend and former colleague. It felt fabulous. Not only to resume the friendship and relive memories of early professional life but to hear about the exciting work she and another friend and colleague are doing in the area of ‘Mindful Self Compassion’.

Life Coaches talk about the concepts of ‘self care’, ‘life balance’ and ‘mindfulness’. Mindful Self Compassion takes this personal exploration deeper in a gentle way, allowing for one to treat ones self in the same way one would treat a dear friend.

In our crazy world today, learning deeper Self Compassion leading to radiating broader compassion, can only be a good thing.

I look forward to learning and sharing more.


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