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Heart Opening Changes!

It feels like a whole bunch of influences are converging and a new clarity is emerging from a heart centered place!I drove to Seattle last Thursday to attend the Berkana Institute’s Women’s Leadership Revival” evening.  Margaret Wheatley and Christina Baldwin were speaking.  Many things were awesome about the evening, hearing these two women in person being a big one but also, sitting in circle with four other women of varying ages and backgrounds and hearing their stories.  We were asked to tell a story about an experience that opened our hearts.

It wasn’t just this evening, it is likely the fact that I am turning 50, going through big hormonal shifts with menopause, coming to the end of a soul cycle but I am feeling called in a much deeper way forward into my future.  At the same time I am feeling called to simply “be present”.

The sense is of having something wonderful outside my door knocking but no quite being able to open the door yet.

I highly recommend these two new books:

“Storycatcher” by Christina Baldwin

“Finding Our Way: Leadership For an Uncertain Time” by Margaret Wheatley



Menopause Diaries 1-3

It is amazing the effect  a few great nights sleep have on physical energy!  It also helps that we have sun here today after about a week of a rainy deluge.

I still had one hot flash in the middle of the night (3:48 am) but was able to get back to sleep easily.

My bedtime reading was “The Wisdom of Menopause” by Christiane Northrup, I focused on the chapters on the emotional and psychological changes.  I loved what I read and one phrase really jumped out at me, it was something about how in our North American culture, menopausal, midlife women start to become invisible.  I think some women feel that we can only stay visible if we stay slim, have plastic surgery, “keep our looks” etc.  This just doesn’t feel good to me!

I think of other cultures where elders are respected and saught for wisdom and guidance.

Recently I needed to gather pictures for a power point presentation (with the help of Lara Fisher of Bluefish Creative: that I did on “Menopause or Regenopause: the 7 Keys to Accessing Your Power in this Time of Transition”.  It was really tricky to find pictures of beautiful, happy older women where their life energy shone through.

Personally, I think that the future of the world lies in the heads, hearts and laps of the wise women of the earth.

Here is the paradox (perhaps it should be a triadox), I refuse to be invisible yet I acknowledge the seductive desire to hang on for dear life to my youth, my looks, my energy while refusing to dishonour the magnificence of who I am now in all my changes, my little smile wrinkles around the eyes, my slight loss of hearing (except surprisingly when my teen age daughters are whispering about throwing a conjoined party while my husband and I are away), the extra stored energy around the middle, the drooping upper lids.  Where are the role models for us, this huge population group of healthy, active, intelligent, living to be 85 years old women who want to do more than become invisible, who want to age gracefully and naturally, who embrace and honor the physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, psychological changes that “cronehood” brings.

Hmmm, lots of pondering, with no answers, yet very curious!


Zoey Ryan, life & business coach for women

Menopause Diaries: 1-2

OK, so I’ve realized that the whole menopause thing is carrying alot of energy for myself and my friends, neighbours, current clients and peers!  In the past week, three women have said that they would love to have a coach to support them through their menopause and/or that they wish there was someone to talk with about their menopause in a way that is about more than symptoms!  We are all saying that there is not enough significance given to this very powerful and significant time in women’s lives.

I have re-engaged with my health care background through my favourite reference books and am re-reading “The Wisdom of Menopause” by Christiane Northrup, MD and the section of menopause in “Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” by Tori Hudson, ND.  Both of these books are hugely helpful from the perspective of the physical changes and symptoms and Christiane Northrup also talks about the emotional and psychological changes but I are yearning for more about the potential spiritual gateway that this transition time may bring.  I am also yearning for and the other women are saying, they are yearning for an opportunity to talk with other women and hear their menopause stories.  I am reminded of the short article by Barbara Marx Hubbard where she coins the word “regenopause” and speaks about the sexual changes that menopause can bring.

In the midst of all this pondering and reading, I am wearing layers, easy for stripping off in a hotflash and adding back on with the chills.  I am going through a cycle of not sleeping well, waking up totally charged at about 3:26 am (by our digital clock) and noticing that at this time of day it is easy to start “catastrophizing and worrying”.  Even with my meditation and breathe work, it is difficult to calm myself and fall back asleep.  For some interesting reason, the visualization that helps is to imagine myself being rocked to sleep on a boat.  Hmmm, boat, water, rocked, safe, calm, am I wanting to return to the womb at the same time as my womb is going through alot of changes!



Zoey, life and business coach for (menopausal?!?) women

Menopause Symtoms!

The last few weeks have been very strange!  I feel like my life has been slightly off base, out of focus and surreal.  As a life and business coach, this has caused me some major consternation as that is my work, to help people bring their lives into focus and feel grounded and centered.

Things were so weird that it took me a few weeks to put the pieces together.  I have also been having major hot flashes and night sweats, hmmmm, and am turning 50 in a few months, hmmm, again!

For a few years already, I know I have been experienceing pre menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms; like headaches, irregular and heavy bleeding, emotional fluctuations and hair, skin and libido changes.  Frankly, I thought I would sail through menopause due to my healthy lifestyle, health care background and knowledge and what I have learned about the mind body connection,

Well, I am wrong!  It feels like I have been “gobsmacked” by some very interesting changes.

Stay tuned, more coming soon.

I need to go and take off about 10 layers of clothes as I am having a major hotflash.



Zoey Ryan, life and business coach for women

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