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Cross-Posting – 7 Tips to Help You Find Your ‘Hippy Love’ Passion in Life & Business!

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peace, namaste & hippy love for generations,

Zoey ~ founding hippy at Hippy Grandma and life coach for women

Question of the Week: What Is Your Greatest Struggle?

What is your greatest struggle?

Ahhhh, I love this question.

I seem to have a different struggle every day.  What I know is that I used to push my struggles away and now I embrace them as part of my daily spiritual practice.

I used to engage in thinking that went like “once I do such and such, then my life will be good or complete or then I will “get there” and “be done”.

What I have come to realize is that this isn’t actually the way life unfolds.  I think it was Gilda Radner who said “there is always something”.  So, yes, there is always something, there is always a struggle and isn’t that wonderful!  I never have to go looking for more personal growth projects, they just show up 🙂  For me it is also about acknowledging what I call “the mucky mess of life”, the full catastrophe living as Jon Kabat Zinn calls it.  My experience is that it is through this lovely “slime” that wonderful things emerge.

It feels very one dimensional to live a life that pushes away chaos.  I love the word “chaordic”.  For me it brings chaos into harmony!

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations!

Zoey ~ founding hippy Hippy Grandma Eco-tique and life coach for women

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Into The Future: Religion, Transformation and Partnership

Into The Future: Religion, Transformation and Partnership

What is the future of ‘religion’? To answer this, I need to superimpose the notion of organizational design onto current linear models of religion.  From what I understand, the world’s religions today are mostly still using a dominator model (reference Riane Eisler) ie one person (usually male) in charge with a cascade of other folks in lessening positions of power.  The Pope is the best example of this in the Catholic religion.

I believe the word religion connotes subscribing to agreed upon beliefs and doctrines.  Given that, I don’t know that I would use the word religion.

I would design a world community, grounded in a “partnership model” where the primary organizational design is of concentric circles and the model of decision making is by consensus; all organized around a common intention of good for all, recognizing the immanence and transcendence of the Divine.  This community would honour, respect and encompass a variety of beliefs systems and traditions, while agreeing to abide by a co-created set of guiding principles.  Within a partnership model, both the mother and father (inner masculine and feminine, male, female, earth and sky) are recognized and honoured.

Children would be adored, cared for lovingly, guided and mentored and elders respected.  A wisdom council of grandmother’s (like the council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers) would be available to the whole community for mentorship and to be used as a community “filter” until a full “partnership way” is in place.  Once this happens, the wisdom council would shift to include elders of all genders.

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations!

Zoey ~ founding hippy of Hippy Grandma Eco-Boutique and life coach for women

Diary of a Sailing Trip – Part One

I finally feel like we are on holidays!  My back has stopped aching after loading ‘food & beverages for two for 11 days’; Captain Wayne has re-familiarized himself with the boat and ‘first mate, bottle washer, cook, gal friday, electrical systems back up analyst’, aka moi has spent time melting into the sun warmed deck cushions.

The first two days on the boat were spent getting the systems back in order after a major “grounding” while the boat was out on a charter.  Yesterday, I learned more than I thought possible about the electrical system, inverters, isolators and the ‘heart interface’ system.  We now have 6 new ‘golf cart’  house batteries, AC outlets that work and are ready for long relaxing days at anchor, once we make it to Desolation Sound.

I think back to our last trip to Desolation and really hope we don’t encounter 40 knot winds, 20 foot swells and  ‘dirty diesel’ resulting in a clogged and sputtering engine.

Ah, the joys of sailing.

Off on one of our last walks on land.

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations,

Zoey ~ founding hippy at Hippy Grandma Eco-Boutique

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