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I’m Excited to Share My Green Eco Women Entrepreneurs Dream!

My personal ‘green baby’, Hippy Grandma, the online eco-boutique that I launched to showcase and support some amazing women entrepreneur friends is again hosting ‘The 13 Days of Green & Groovy Holiday Shopping’!

This year we have added eco-fashion with upcycled ‘ECOPower Bracelet/Cuffs’ and a new line of organic baby clothes as well as a luscious new Ayurvedic Aromatherapy product from The Mystic Masala, EDEN (Every Day Essential Nourishment) Kit!

We are also adding ‘Hippy Grandma Green & Inspired Living Services’!

As with all sales, a percentage of the profits go to support ‘vulnerable women & children’.

Have a look through the newly designed site and let me know what you think!

peace, namaste & hippy grandma love for generations!

Zoey ~ founding hippy and life, business & leadership coach for women

Find out what kind of hippie you are with our fun quiz!

Check out Hippy Grandma’s Closet for gently used new mom and hippie baby clothes!

Are you a heart-centered and “soul-filled shopper”? Know of a new baby arriving or are you looking for hippie baby clothes? Keep the heart, soul & hippy love flowing to your family, friends & Mother Earth with purchases from Hippy Grandma: an Eco-Boutique selling fair trade, one of a kind, earth friendly treasures.

Through your purchases, you help local artisans, hand-crafting grandmas on a pension, women’s fair trade co-ops and programs designed to support vulnerable mamas & babies. You make the purchases & we send the ‘hippy love’ for free! Please share the hippy love news widely and wildly with your soul brothers & sisters (copyright held by Hippy Grandma Ventures Ltd).

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