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In Honor Of International Women’s Day – Zoey’s 33 Tips to Shake Up & Shake Out Your Life!


Women, are you stuck? Are you in a rut? Do you feel that you want to shake the stagnation out of your life? Do you want to lead an inspiring life not a mediocre life? I want to help!

As a life coach, many of my clients like to do a spring cleaning; but of their life, not necessarily their homes.   International Women’s Day on March 8th, gives us a chance to get going! So, to help us all shake it up abit, here are 33 tips for you!  As a busy working mom, I use these too!

1. Refuse to wear clothes that don’t allow you to take deep full “belly breaths”.

2. Clean your closets, if you don’t have time to do it, hire someone. There is energy that comes from order and action.

3. Drink enough water!

4. Call up a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to for a while, invite her over for tea and tell her how special she is to you.

5. Hold a virtual party! Subscribe to an instant messaging service like facebook chat, be sure to use a great name like “red hot mamma”, get some friends on board and party! Wear wild clothes, have great food and share your experience on-line (my daughters do this all the time!)

6. Read anything by “Sark”.

7. Stock up on toilet paper (from recycled paper of course), have a three months supply on hand! This is an easy beginning action for developing “super-reserves” which is a concept that can have a bustin’ loose effect in all areas of your life.

8. Buy some delectable Belgian chocolate body paint, get together with someone you love and enjoy the chocolate together!

9. Donate money to a charity of your choice!

10. Savor a long soak in the tub with some aromatherapy candles lit and luscious thick and cozy bamboo towels waiting to dry you off!

11. Practice “self-care”, really take care of yourself during this time of heightened sacredness.

12. Stop right now while you are reading and take three deep cleansing breaths. That’s it, in through the nose and out through the mouth and again and again.

13. Plan a ‘do nothing’ day.

14. Buy yourself some gorgeous tulips!

15. Take a media fast! Stop reading newspapers and watching/listening to the news for a week and see how your mood changes.

16. Do something on your ‘Bucket List’!

17. Make mint tea from scratch. Buy some fresh mint leaves from your local market and steep in hot water for 10 minutes. Serve hot or chilled over ice. Allow the taste and fragrance of the mint to invigorate your body and soul.

18. Stop right now while you are reading and put on your favourite music (loudly) and dance wildly for three minutes!

19. Experience the “European” way and take a “shave break”!

20. Go skinny-dipping! Feel the water cooling and caressing your skin.

21. Take in a yoga class!

22. Create an indoor water fountain or “pond in a pot”.  Gently running water is a metaphor for the ‘river of life’, which is always in motion.

23. Gather friends and go to see a wonderful ‘woman respectful movie’.

24. Build a sandcastle or play with a mini Japanese Zen Garden.

25. Take the time off! If this is a difficult option, plan mini-vacations and truly relax.  Become comfortable with just “being”, instead of “ doing”.

26.Take belly-dancing lessons

27. Do something you have never done before!

28. Dance naked under the full moon which happens to be on March 8, 2012.

29. Pray for peace daily and/or use the Buddhist Meditation for loving kindness daily:

May I be filled with loving kindness

May I be well.

May I be peaceful and at ease.

May I be happy.

Use this to send loving kindness and blessings to others by changing the word “I” to “all”.

30. Make a list of all the people you love and send them valentines (even if it is not valentines day)!

31. Make a list of any people for whom you hold hurt, anger, resentment or unhealed wounds.  Call or email them with a simple blessing and thank you for participating in your life learning.

32. Cherish, love and hug any children in your life.  The children of the world are our future.

33. Buy a brand new package of crayons and big white paper and just scribble.  Get back in touch with the kid in you!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and have had a little giggle reading them!  Even trying one tip can shake things up!  It would be great to hear your comments and experiences so feel free to share.

Enjoy your day!


in peace & mindfulness



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