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Women | Health | Life: Words of Wisdom – Living A Life With Heart

Living a Life With Heart: Values and Needs

During the next few weeks, the theme for posting will be ‘the heart’ in honour of Valentines Day and the spirit of love!

From my perspective as a life, leadership & executive coach, living a life with heart includes living a life anchored in clear and deeply held values and understanding how unmet needs might get in the way of this.

I want to share my process in this area of values and needs.  Prior to completing my coach training, I had a vague idea of all of this stuff.  I figured I was pretty clear on my values, sort of knew the meaning and difference between a value and a need and I have to say was pretty darn smug.  Through my coach training, which included a lot of introspection and journaling, what I learned about myself was actually shocking to me.  I learned that for basically my entire life, I had been operating my life from a place of unmet needs rather than from a place of clearly known and held values.  I had thought I was so clear on who I was and where I was going, that learning new information about myself was unsettling.  Now, from the perspective of time, I see that this was very important “unsettling”, it was like stirring up the bottom of a clear mountain lake and dislodging bits of garbage that had been caught on sunken tree branches.  Self-reflection and introspection, allowed the garbage to float to the surface to be skimmed off and thrown away.  Developing clarity around my crystal and rubber values and about my needs has allowed me to take control of my life and create my future to be in alignment with my deeply held crystal values.

So, to further set context and share  common language, I offer the following definitions and in doing this I have drawn from these resources: Webster’s dictionary, “The Portable Coach” by Thomas Leonard, “Co-Active Coaching” by Whitworth, Kimsey and House and the “Professional Foundations for Masterful Coaches” program by Jeanine Sandstrom and Lee Smith.

A Value: something intrinsically valuable or desirable, human rather than material.  Values are the essence of who you are.  Values are principles that you hold to be of worth in your life and are the activities, preferences or behaviours that you are naturally drawn to and that attract you.  Values are those things considered right, worthwhile and desirable-the basis for guiding principles and standards.  Values fulfill you.

A Need: implies a lack of something requisite, desirable or useful.  Needs are resources, people, feelings, situations, or environments you must have in order to be your best.  Meeting needs gives a sense of satisfaction and there is often a sense of urgency around needs.

Now, a couple more definitions in the area of values and I want to thank Betty Healey, a fellow coach with the Strategic Attraction Community for sharing this.

A crystal value: is a value that is so important to you that if it is not incorporated into your life, causes your life to shatter.  Think of what happens if you drop a crystal ball.  Taking the crystal ball imagery further, a crystal value calls you forward into your future.

A rubber value: is a value that is important but that can bounce away, out of your life and then back again, like a rubber ball with out you feeling dissonance.

What do you think your values and needs are?  If you would like some help with this, let me know!  That’s what a coach is for.

In peace & mindfulness,



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Women | Health | Life : Words of Wisdom – Create Your Life With Heart!

“Create Your Life with Heart”

I want to share a story with you that is a real life example of the process used to create your life with heart.

I have spent the past 15 or so years learning about metaphysical principles and spirituality and how these principles can be used for personal transformation and I find the whole area fascinating.  It was in the late 1990’s that I decided to deepen my learning, use the principles in my work and becoming a coach seemed to be the perfect fit.  At the time I was still working in health care but made the commitment to do a mid-life career shift and become a professional life & business coach.  I felt “called” to become a coach, it was a “burning desire” within my heart and what I felt I was meant to do.

I desperately wanted to sign up for coach training, yet we were at a place in our family finances where there wasn’t a lot of extra disposable income.  We had three kids with braces and on-going orthodontic work, say no more!  I decided to put the prosperity principles that I had been learning about into practice.

I made the commitment to become a coach, put a small deposit on my first training workshop, tuned myself up into a place of knowing and believing that the rest of the money would show up, brought in feelings of fulfillment and joy imagining myself working as a coach and let go of any attachment to timing and an outcome.  Guess what happened?  Not more than two days later, I received a cheque from Revenue Canada for child tax credits from my tax return from two years previous that I had no idea I was owed and even more astounding, the cheque was within $5 of the amount needed for my first coach training workshop!  That was the proof I needed to trust these principles fully and went on to complete my coach training and certification.

This story is a powerful example of the law of attraction at work!

You are the artist, storyteller and author of your own life and you can write and create whatever script you desire!

In peace & mindfulness,



Happy Chinese New Year Everyone: Gong Hay Fat Choy

Gong Hey Fat Choy

From the ‘Peace Compassion Love’ Facebook Group

This Lunar New Year is the year of the dragon, also known as the water dragon.  The water elements cools the firery dragon and it is a time for family and community!

Vancouver’s Chinese New Year Parade is on Sunday, January 29th.



Women | Health | Food: Japanese radiation may pose threat to Canadian fish eaters: anti-nuclear group

This is important  health information for all Canadians and adds to the importance of knowing where your food is coming from!  Please share widely!

Note the opinion of a respected Canadian physician.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Japanese radiation may pose threat to Canadian fish eaters: anti-nuclear group.

Women | Health | Life : New Beginnings Words of Wisdom

What a wonderful time to think about fresh new beginnings and honour our creative energy as women!

Enjoy this quote:

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive. To them… a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and failure is death. Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create — so that without the creating of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, their very breath is cut off… They must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency they are not really alive unless they are creating.” Pearl Buck

Enjoy your week and feel that spark of creativity!

In peace & mindfulness,



Women | Life | Wisdom: Give Yourself Caring and Incredible Self Care!

Give yourself incredible self care! You deserve it!


As a life coach for women, I suggest that you ‘put yourself at the top of the list’.  Many women struggle with this concept and consider it selfish, however, if you don’t take incredible care of yourself, how can you care for all those other special people in your life?

With self care and a caring attitude towards ones self, we tend to have more patience, energy and a strong life force.  Give it a try!

In peace & mindfulness.



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Nomad Women: New Years Day in Yelapa

Happy New Years Day, may your year be filled peace, love & abundance!

Enjoy some photos from Yelapa!





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