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Women ~ Health ~ Life: Words of Wisdom

Topaz Lotus Living

Words of Wisdom

Lighten your heart by engaging in enjoyable activities: Sing, dance, watch the sunset, take a nap, or hug someone with exuberance.

~ Doreen Virtue

Women ~ Health ~ Life: Inspirational Quote About Life

Topaz Lotus Living

Powerful Words of Wisdom: Inspirational Quote for the Day!

‘No one can fix your life for you. You need to set out consciously to do it for yourself. You must trust what you know in your bones – that your body is your ally and that it will always point you in the direction you need to go next.’

~ Christiane Northrup, M. D.

Women ~ Health ~ Life: words of wisdom quotes for the day

Words of Wisdom: A quote from a Wise Woman!

‘Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.’ ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Enjoy your fabulous life my friends!


Topaz Lotus Living: Women Artists

I saw this painting in a small quaint used book store in Loreto, Mexico, on the Baja and it spoke to me!

I think it represents my walking purposefully into my wisdom years.

The artist, Jeanine is a wise woman who I really had a connection with.

It’s hanging in a place of honor in my home, where I see it every day!

Enjoy …



Women ~ Health ~ Life Balance

A big Monday morning shout out to all the moms out there, who are getting kids up and ready for the day!

I want to appreciate and acknowledge you!

Enjoy your day.

In peace & mindfulness,



Women ~ Health ~ Wisdom: Inspirational Quote

Here is a wonderful quote about the courage it takes to transform or change your life!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anais Nin

Take a risk today!


Topaz Lotus Living: Vancouver East Van Street Style & Eco-Fashion

So, it’s a fun Vancouver Day with my daughters: beach walk, chai (from East is East maybe), Indian Buffet on W. Broadway then over to the Drive to see my ‘niece in love’, Carly  (a very wonderful entrepreneur) at her boutique ‘Riot Clothing’ to check out some ‘east van street style’!

Enjoy your day too my friends!

in peace & mindfulness,


Topaz Lotus Living: Loreto Baja Golf Resort & Spa

So, our Loreto Bay vacation is winding down! We have had a wonderful time meeting new people and dreaming about living here full time. Take it from an experienced life coach, vacations are ideal for self care!

If you are interested in a Mexican holiday, consider staying at Loreto Baja Golf Resort and Spa! Another option would be to check out VRBO for a casa rental from an owner.

What I know for sure is that we will be back!


Topaz Lotus Living: The Soul Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants in Loreto Bay

The ‘traveling yoga pants’ are on the move!

After a ‘yoga pants writing hiatus’, I’m again writing about my experiences at various yoga classes.  The hiatus has been due in part to the fact that I’m teaching yoga and taking more yoga teacher training, rather than going to classes.

I start my day with yoga too but I doubt you would find reading about my personal practice very interesting!

Today, I was privileged to attend a wonderful ‘svaroopa’ yoga class in Loreto Bay, Mexico with Margy Drew (

As always with yoga, my body was in bliss and my mind and heart were nourished by the people, the energy and the yoga itself.

If you are visiting Loreto Bay, drop in to Sharon Dean’s bodywork studio on Thursday 9 – 10:30 am to join in the yoga class for 100 pesos.

I loved the range of ages in the room and the focus on the breath and opening and releasing the body.

The variety of yoga pants was spectacular and all pants seemed extremely functional. It was nice to have one gentleman in the class too.

I wore my trusty, indestructible lululemon capris.

Enjoy your day friends and enjoy the smiling faces of Margy (far right) and others from class and Loreto Bay!




Topaz Lotus Living: Tidbits from our Loreto Bay Vacation & More

Loreto Bay Vacation

For anyone traveling to Loreto Bay, Nopolo, in the near future, here’s an excerpt from a message I sent to a fellow traveler recently. Our ‘typical day’ is coming soon. Enjoy…

There is great info about Loreto Bay in the following 2 blogs:


The weather here this time of year has been mid to low 20’s in the day and 10-15 at night. Bring warm clothes and shoes for the evening!

There is a little store in Loreto Bay that sells most things ie groceries and water (no meat, fish, chicken). In town, we have shopped at el Pescador, right on Salvatoire near the main stop lights, also, there is a farmers market every Sunday from 7 – 2 pm in town and there are great prices on produce, fish and chicken.

In town, we have enjoyed Cafe Ole for breakfast and Super Burro for dinner (open at 6 pm). These 2 places have great food at amazing prices! We have also gone to La Palapa and Tio Lupe (good food but abit more $)

In Loreto Bay, 2 of the best town restaurants have opened satellite locations. We really loved ‘Hole 19″ by Mita Gourmet) at the golf course and el Cardon (try the sesfood burrito) on the paseo.

My favorite place in all of Loreto Bay is el Corazon Cafe on the paseo, serving coffee drinks, fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, breakfast, snacks and lite lunches. El Corazon is co-owned by a woman from Vancouver.

The hotel grill has good food too.

We went kayaking which was fun and kayaks can be rented at the hotel. Your sons may enjoy paddle boarding too.

We have done a day trip to Isla Coronado in the past but heard it was quite cold this year. If you want to do this, talk to the guy at the trailer at the marina in town. Approximate cost $100 US for day.

We highly recommend driving south of Loreto Bay for the scenic views. There are great hikes into the canyons, we haven’t done this yet but would love to. You need a guide for this. The other thing we haven’t done yet is the drive to San Javier Mission in the mountains.

You get the best deals in paying in pesos.

If you want to have a look at real estate, talk to Ariel Klein at Loreto Bay Homes.

If you want to have a look at the model homes, talk to Ricardo, Isack, or Oscar at Villas de las Mexico at the hotel. No pressure, just good info, nice guys.

There is yoga every Thursday am from 9-10:30 am.

There are ladies water aerobics m, wed, fri at 10 am at the community pool.

The local Mexican people really appreciate it if you try to speak Spanish 🙂

Jovina at Spa Tranquil on the paseo does great massages (book ahead) $40 US for an hour.

We are staying at Steve’s place unit FN493 and are leaving Jan 6th, maybe you coming in next?

Hmmm, I think that covers it. Any questions that I didn’t answer?

Oh, we started drinking all bottled water but now use tap water for coffee. No one has been sick at all.

Bring beach towels!

I hope you have fun!

in peace & mindfulness,


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