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Women ~ Life ~ Health: Words of Wisdom & Inspiration

hippie love for generations


Topaz Lotus Living: Words of Wisdom


‘You can not save people, you can only love them.’  ~ Anais Nin


Enjoy your day,


peace & hippie love for generations,



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Women ~Life ~Wisdom: Women’s Book Clubs

It’s our book club tonight and I need to do some speed reading to finish the book, ‘The Water Man’s Daughter’ by Emma Ruby – Sachs

I am really enjoying the book and coincidentally, I’ll be at a workshop today where there will be discussions about families from this part of the world.

What has been illustrated for me so far, is ‘the butterfly effect’, how with every action there is a reaction.

At our book clubs, we do tend to have a tough time staying on task ie discussing the book and not only socializing. We have been meeting together for about 15 years are on the surface a very homogeneous group. Interesting though, there is a big difference in lived experience and values and this makes for a rich and invigorating discussion.

peace & hippie love for generations,



Handmade Yoga Inspired Jewelry and Malas

Topaz Lotus Living


I am so excited to be featuring ‘handmade yoga inspired jewelry and malas’ soon in the Topaz Lotus Eco-Boutique!


Supporting young women entrepreneurs in their business is so dear to my heart and it is wonderful to be able to feature their work here.


Please let me know if you would like to be put on a list to receive regular updates about the new handmade, unique, yoga inspired malas and jewelry that you see on my site, or, it you are ready to order!


peace & hippie love for generations,



life coach for wise women

coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul


Yoga Teacher Training at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver, BC


Oh my, I had THE best day yesterday at my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified ‘yoga teacher training’ at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver.

Firstly, I just love all the other student teachers! We range in age, backgrounds and life experience, and all ‘come together’ through the love of yoga.

Yesterday, we had our first practicums, and it was a joy to participate as both a student and a teacher.

Lunch at “East is East” On Main St., in Vancouver was distinctly a highlight as the food was so tasty, the spicy Chai ‘out of this world’ and the conversation was lively and stimulating.

In the afternoon, we were treated to ‘quantum learning’ about anatomy with Marjorie Hains, a local Vancouver RMT and healer. I wish we had been given the opportunity to learn this way in University, it was absolutely fabulous and Marjorie combined ‘cutting edge’ learning methodology with a gentle and loving presence. It was fabulous!

I just have to keep giving acknowledgement and accolades to Open Door Yoga and this yoga teacher training program! The instructors are grounded in the work and teachings from Prana Yoga with Shakti Mhi and Kripalu Yoga. The organization, format, teaching process and integration of learning is great! If you are considering furthering your yoga teacher skills and abilities, check it out!



peace & hippie love for generations,


life coach & eco-entrepreneur coach for wise women

coaching to set your heart and biz on fire & soothe your soul!


Motivational Quote for Women: Women Power


Topaz Lotus Living Quote of the Day

stand often in the company of dreamers: they tickle your common sense & believe you can achieve things which are impossible.

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Women’s Wisdom: Thought for the Day

I woke up with a song already playing in my head, ‘I Am Woman’ by Helen Reddy and first heard in the 1970’s.

‘I Am Woman’ became the theme song for many in the early days of women’s lib.

On a stormy rainy and dark Vancouver morning and preparing to teach a prenatal yoga class, I am reminding myself:

I am strong

I am invincible

I am woman

Hear me roar!

Happy Friday…

Hippie love & peace for generations,


Eco Business & Life Coach for wise women

Coaching to set your heart & biz on fire & soothe your soul

Women ~ Life ~ Work: Women Entrepreneurs & Creative Cloud Bursts

creative ideas fireworks

Topaz Lotus Living: Women Entrepreneurs

Have you ever had a creative cloud burst or a fireworks display of ideas bursting in your brain?

It may not happen often, however, when it does, enjoy the ride and keep coming back to your business plan.

Do your new ideas fit with your business vision, mission and values?

How will you finance your new idea?

Have you done any market research for your new idea?

Most of all, have fun with it!


hippie love & peace for generations,


eco business & life coach for wise women

coaching to set your heart & business on fire and soothe your soul!

Tsawwassen Southlands Proposal Letter of Support

Tsawwassen Residents

Please feel free to cut, paste, tweak and use the following letter to show support for the current Southlands development plan for Tsawwassen BC and send in an email to ‘’



I would like voice my overwhelming support for the most recent plans for the above noted development. My family and I have been long time residents and owners in the Tsawwassen area, and as we are nearing retirement, would very much like to stay in the area. The ‘Plan’ seems very balanced, and gives back a large percentage of the land to the Corporation of Delta. We currently live near the Southlands lands, and have always enjoyed the area, but it is time for this development to finally move forward.

I know I speak for many of our Delta friends who are supportive of a balanced plan, like the one the Century Group is proposing, but could not be bothered to voice that support with yourselves. The silent majority is always the least vocal.

I urge you to move forward and approve this proposal, and keep families like ours in the Tsawwassen area.

Many thanks,


My Yoga Inspired Bracelet Stack: Personal Jewelry

Some women collect figures, some shoes, I have collected nature and yoga inspired bracelets!

I often buy one to commemorate a trip or special event, most recently treating myself to a chakra necklace and bracelet from the Mala Collective.

The collection started with a trip to Sayulita and a leather and pearl handmade bracelet by a local artist and I have added on from there. I have lots of women asking where I purchased my stack!

Here’s a pic without my new chakra bracelet which is currently in the mail!




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life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soothe


Women ~ Life ~ Music: Dylan, Jackson Browne and The Boss


Topaz Lotus Living: Groovin’ on the Tunes!


Driving home from my wonderful Groupon purchased massage and sauna at phFresh Spa at The Sandman Inn in Vancouver (I highly recommend this treatment by the way, make sure you ask for Tara), I turned on the tunes.

Feeling somewhat nostalgic for University Days at the U of A in Edmonton, I played my fave’s from Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne.  I find that music has the power to take me right back into the emotions of the time and I found myself missing my hippie student Edmonton days and the friends I made in college.

I may have  also made some new ‘commuter’ friends as I did notice quite a few smiles  directed my way as I was singing at the top of my lungs in my Prius!


a wonderful day to you,


life coach for wise women

life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul

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