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Women ~ Health ~ Life Balance: Happy Easter!

happy women


Happy Easter Morning, Happy Passover, Happy Solstice, Happy Spring and Almost Happy Sonkran (Thai New Year) and Vaisakhi!

It’s a very auspicious time of year, with wonderful religious festivals and spiritual celebrations!

Enjoy your happy day my friends, and hug all your family close.


in peace & mindfulness,


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Topaz Lotus Living: New Friends!

One of the many wonderful things about yoga, is all the fabulous people one meets! I have become friends with Ivonne Lopez owner of Shanti Yoga Los Cabos and instructor for yoga on the beach at Zoetry Casa del Mar Resort & Spa. She is a very special person who has taught me so much about my body, yoga and the culture, politics and people of Mexico.

On our recent vacation to Casa del Mar we reconnected with Ivonne and had the pleasure of having her join us for dinner the last night of our trip. Coincidentally we picked a restaurant that is also Ivonne’s favourite. ‘The Hangman’ cafe is a funky, family owned local restaurant that is a Mexican version of Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Having Ivonne with us was so much fun and helpful too, as she knows the owners and could order for us in fluent Spanish. Each table has hot small pickled potatoes and an assortment of dips and spicy toppings as accompaniments.


We completed our delicious and in –
expensively priced meals with Mexican hot chocolate and the traditional flan. The total $ for five hungry people was $660 pesos, similar to just over $50 US.

We enjoyed some good laughs about our mixed up attempts to speak Spanish after a local taught us a slang word of questionable repute.

The whole evening was wonderful and all due to the community of yoga.




Topaz Lotus Living: Words of Wisdom and Abundance

Topaz Lotus Living: Words of Wisdom and Abundance


Life fulfillment and abundance can not be measured by dollars, or things, or possessions! It is measured through relationships, love, and friendships.

I feel so blessed to have great friends, some from college, some from ‘the ’80’s’ and my first few jobs and some from pre-natal class, you know who you are!

As I grow older, I treasure my friends and my family and love you all very, very much!

Here’s a picture of some very, very special people in our lives, who we were fortunate to spend a recent Los Cabos vacation with. We danced, we played and we laughed, oh my goodness, how we laughed!

Happy day to you and give your special loved ones a big hug today!



Los Cabos Love: Adios!

As with all vacations, there is a final day and goodbyes must be said.

Enjoy some gorgeous photos on the beach and from the quaint luxury boutique Zoetry Casa del Mar Resort and Spa and Villa Pelicano 202 ‘Casita Topaz’.




Women ~ Life ~ Travel: Los Cabos Mexico Yoga Wellness Vacation

Topaz Lotus Living: The Baja is in Our Heart and Soul!

As i have mentioned previously, we love Los Cabos and have traveled here many times!

Our favorite spot is Casa Del Mar Resort and Spa on the beach in the Los Cabos Corridor. We love the quietness, physical beauty of the white sand beach and the amazing people we meet here. I also love the yoga classes and yoga meditation with Ivonne.  It is an even greater joy to have the yoga on the beach.

Loving this area so much, we recently purchased (taking ownership late June) a fabulous casita (condo) at Casa del Mar, with a stunning ocean view and we would like to share it with you. Our Los Cabos Mexico Holiday condo rental is ideal for a romantic spa getaway, a health and wellness vacation, a girl friend spa weekend, or for a family with a couple of small children wanting a quiet beach vacation.

The resort is beachfront, in the prestigious Cabo Corridor and is serene, beautiful, quiet with a zen like feel. Our casita is part of the luxurious Cabo Real development which features hotels, resorts and a Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed golf course. There is yoga on the beach, tennis, on site restaurants, pools, horseback riding, golf and of course, the gorgeous views of the ocean. San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are short drives away and have shops for all necessities.

Please contact me if you are interested in an info package for a wonderful 1 bdrm, Casa del Mar Los Cabos Corridor vacation rental at affordable pricing.

Here is the view from the balcony (top) and a ‘typical beach day’ steps away from the condo (bottom).

Now, it’s off to yoga! In mindfulness, zoey



Women ~ Life ~ Wellness: Yoga on the Beach in Los Cabos

Part of my excitement about returning to Casa del Mar was being able to do yoga on the beach with Ivonne Lopez of Shanti Yoga Los Cabos again! Zoetry Casa del Mar is becoming well known as a boutique hotel with a health and wellness focus.

Being quite excited, I arrived early and my friend Bonnie and I had time to relax into our bodies and settle. As more folks arrived and the class grew, we saw a gorgeous grey whale making it’s way south. Then Ivonne arrived, and the class again and we fell under the spell of her beautiful words and the soothing background of waves washing ashore.

I just can’t say enough about how great Ivonne is. Before my first class with her last year, I had low expectations as had experienced mediocre yoga at resorts previously. I was literally blown away as through her teaching, I felt I was transported into a higher plane of living. I know this sounds airy fairy, however, it truly felt amazing.

Today, it felt like coming home and Ivonne’s class again was magical and mystical. Her wonderful voice and clear instructions allowed a mixed level class to sink into the poses throughbreath awareness and mindfulness. She led us through alovely Hatha class with s few beautiful vinyasa flows. The variety in yoga pants was very cool (lol), as was the age range and mix of students from all over North America. I was wearing my lululemon yoga pants, the short version, and hopefully they weren’t see through, yikes!

My heart feels full of love and blessing, enjoy your day!




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Women ~ Life ~ Wisdom: Baja in the Blood

Topaz Lotus Living: Baja Heart and Soul


It’s said by many that Baja California Sur gets in the blood, captures people heart and soul, and instills a yearning to return time and time again. This has happened to us.

Before traveling here, I couldn’t understand the attraction, as from what I heard, the Baja was a big dry desert peninsula! I could not envision the breathtaking beauty of the solitary cacti illuminated by the setting sun. I couldn’t see the glimmering aqua water in stark contrast to the white sand beach. I didn’t hear the birds nor smell the orange blossoms. I couldn’t imagine the majesty of seeing a whale and her calf playing, nor hear the haunting melodies of a long lost love played on a Spanish guitar.

We love Mexico and have traveled throughout, yet, continue to listen to our hearts and return to the Baja. With deep respect for the people and the culture, I am so grateful that they share their Baja jewel with us!


happy day to you,


life coach for wise women

life coaching to set your heart on fire & soothe your soul



Women ~ Life ~ Balance: Interiors & Exteriors

Over the years, I have collected many photos of ‘Mexican Interiors’ and I love the eclectic look of traditional Mexican rustic furniture combined with a few modern pieces with a punch of color!

Here is a look I love from a funky condo we saw on our current vacation to Los Cabos, staying in the ‘corridor’ between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

hippie love for generations,


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Women ~ Life ~ Balance: We Love Los Cabos

Loving my Los Cabos vacation when this is the start to the day!

We love staying in the Los Cabos Corridor at  Casa Del Mar and have been in love with this development since it was chalk lines on the ground. We love the serenity and peacefulness as well as the natural beauty of the ocean. i fell asleep last night to the sound of the waves!

We have many fond memories of fun family times, when are girls were little including, sunrises, sunsets, whales, dolphins and making sand castles.

Now, we love tennis, yoga on the beach, waking up to a cup of great coffee and fabulous views. Every trip gets better and better and as is said ‘there are no bad days in Cabo’!


Women ~ Life ~ Travel: Los Cabos Topaz Lotus Love

Topaz Lotus Living: Life is a Beach!

Here is the view from my bed upon waking!

I feel like I have rushed rushed rushed to get here, ie was very busy finishing things off and fitting in special family time and now? Crashed!

Feeling happy to be here, however, I have a lovely friend visiting, bronchitis. I’m actually glad that bronchitis came to visit, as, I may have been tempted to rough through my vacation so I could home and then rush rush rush again so I could go on vacation again. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern here and if we played it out, I would be rushing through life,to the ultimate endpoint and passage.

My life lesson, which I seem to need to keep learning in spite (or perhaps because of) being a life coach, continues to be …

Life Lessons and Mindfulness Affirmations:

slow down, breathe, listen to your body, breathe, there is enough time, breathe, settle into your body, settle into your breath, breathe!

peace & hippie lotus love for generations,


yoga life coach for wise women

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