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Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver: A Personal Journey

yoga mosaic from Sky Temple Yoga in Yelapa

yoga mosaic from Sky Temple Yoga in Yelapa

Topaz Lotus Living: Yoga Teacher Training at Open Door Yoga

I used to think that one decided on a career, received some training and ‘did’ that career for the rest of their working years.  I now know that not to be true!  We now talk about third and fourth careers!

I feel so fortunate to have three professional ‘loves’ that all blend seamlessly; holistic health, personal and professional development coaching and yoga.  I came to yoga teacher training later in life and it feels like exactly what I am meant to do right now.

Teaching yoga classes allows me to integrate my knowledge and experience in all these areas in a way that ‘brings us all to the mat’.  I highly recommend Open Door Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver for an excellent 200 hour hatha training!

Being on the mat together truly ‘levels’ everyone and the experience of sharing wonderful quotes, tidbits of health information and yoga is awesome.

It’s exciting to know that teaching hatha and prenatal yoga is my new career.  I hope to be announcing more prenatal yoga classes to be held in Surrey BC in the future.

Enjoy your day my friends!


yoga life coach for wise women

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Women ~ Health ~ Wisdom

I woke up remembering all the fabulous yoga retreats and classes I have attended in Mexico!

The first couple of yoga and life coaching retreats I hosted were to the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun. If you are interested in a romantic getaway or spa weekend trip, Hotel Na Balaam currently has a fabulous deal!

The next few life coaching and yoga retreats were to Yelapa, a quaint beachfront Puebla south of Puerta Vallarta and only accessible by water taxi. We stayed at Casa Milagros, a fabulous guest house and had our yoga classes on the roof top deck. We could see whales spouting and dolphins playing!

My recent memorable classes have been yoga on the beach at the Zoetry Casa del Mar Resort and Spa with Ivonne Lopez of Shanti Yoga Los Cabos. With a broad and skilled range of training, Ivonne has a delightful mastery to her teaching!

As I continue my day, I simply keep saying, yoga yoga is so profound and makes for a deep spiritual practice.

in peace & mindfulness,


leadership & yoga life coach for wise women


A Quote For Your Heart & Soul

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. Meet me there.’ ~ Rumi

Mindfulness Quote of the Day: For Inspired Living

Mindfulness Quote of the Day: 

‘You can help another by example

and above all by your being.

You cannot give what you do not have

and you don’t have what you are not.

You can only give what you are –

and of that you can give limitlessly.’

Nisargatta Maharaj, I Am That

Women ~ Life ~ Wisdom: The Power of Yoga

Topaz Lotus Living: Women ~ Life ~ Wisdom – The Power of Yoga


As I have written before, I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years and have considered myself as regular yoga practitioner for around 15 years. The deeper I go with y0ga, in terms of the asanas and the philosophy though, the more I realize how many ‘layers of the onion there are’!

I had lunch with a dear friend Victoria recently, and she remarked that she was surprised to hear that I consider my yoga teacher training to be transformational. After all I am a trained and experienced body centered life coach and am well seasoned in other elements of life and spirituality as well.

I can’t give a scientific explanation, however, there is a mystical, abstract component to the practice of yoga, that transcends science, anatomy and rationality. It seems that in the practice of the asanas of yoga, one taps into the superconscious energy stream that is ancient and current and massively alive.

I am so curious as to how yoga can inform the health and wellness for regenopausal women (to coin a term from the writings of Barbara Marx Hubbard) and I am sure I will be writing more about this.

Enjoy this magnificent day!

in peace & mindfulness,


yoga life coach for wise women

yoga life coaching to set your heart on fire & soothe your soul!


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