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Certified Mentor Coaching for ICF Coaches

 Zoey Ryan BSc., PCC, CMC iC

I am so excited to be embarking on my next coaching journey by announcing  that I am now a Certified Mentor Coach having successfully completed, the “Mentor Coach Certification” program designed and offered by Invite Change and accredited by the ICF. The Invite Change coach/trainers have designed this powerful and intense offering following many years of coaching , training and ICF assessor experience.

As a certified mentor coach, I use the ICF guidelines for mentor coaching  to work with ACC or PCC coaches who wish to solidly anchor their coaching in the ICF competencies. Mentor coaching in the competencies is a different process that mentor coaching for business or business development coaching and is most helpful for ICF coaches who are applying for their next level of certification i.e. ACC coach moving to PCC coach.

As per ICF guidelines, working with me as your certified mentor coach, I use the fee structure of $1500US for 10 hours of mentor coaching where 1 hour of mentor coaching includes reviewing a 30 minute audio file of a coaching session where you act as coach, 1/2 hour of a verbal 1-1 debrief and written feedback for each session. Payment plans are available and payment is accepted via PayPal or etransfer/check.

I invite you to contact me to explore this further if you are interested.


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