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Women | Life | Wisdom: Dreaming

Do you believe that we can communicate through dreams?

I am very curious about this and after an unbelievably wonderful dream last night about a friend from university, I would like to believe we do.

I know there are stories about this, about people sharing dreams, non local ways of knowing and the like. Rupert Sheldrake writes about these ideas and ancient tradition keepers would say ‘of course we do’.

I am grateful for my wonderful dream and am resting in the feelings of being loved and cherished.

Enjoy your day my friend!



Women | Life | Health: Embrace the Day

woman embracing life



Happy Day to you and oh, what a fabulous day it is!

What are three things you are grateful for today?  And go…







Daily Cup of Life Coaching & Inspiration: Where Is Your ‘Just Enough’ Place?

Daily Cup of Coaching & Inspiration: Where Is Your ‘Just Enough’ Place? 

The concept of ‘just enough’ can be applied to every area of one’s life.  I tend towards being excessive, which, in the past,  has gotten me into trouble with my drinking, food intake, relationships, spending for example.

Practicing YogaI also have done the yo yo of ‘dieting’, ‘budgets’, abstinence, again all the ‘excess of deprivation’.

The concept I have become calm and settled with is the concept of ‘just enough’. Just enough food for me to feel satiated but not stuffed; just enough activity for me to feel energized but not fatigued; just enough sleep for me to feel rested but not groggy and it can go on.

Where does my pattern of ‘excess’ originate? The complexities of my life can be distilled to simply answer, the ‘dichotomy of abandonment and attachment’, leaving me with a deep soul longing, that can only be filled internally through spiritual practice.

As I meditate and practice all eight limbs of a spiritual yoga practice, my ‘just enough place’ is much easier to find. How about yours?




Women | Life | Health: Wise Words for the Day

Wise words from a wise woman…


“Throw your dreams into space like a kite ,

and you do not know what it will bring back,

a new life,

a new friend,

a new love,

a new country.”


~ Anais Nin


Women | Life | Health: The Importance of Family

It was a great pleasure to share in 93rd birthday celebrations with my dad!

Family is so important.



Women | Life | Wisdom: Happy 25th Birthday!

20130921-123718.jpgWomen | Life | Wisdom: Happy 25th Birthday!


It’s our middle daughter’s 25th today! Happy birthday Savanna.


I still remember that my biggest fear prior to her birth was that I wouldn’t have enough love for two babies as the minute our first daughter arrived, I was madly, deeply, totally head over heels in love with her and I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly have that much love again. I learned that I do and in fact have learned that there is a bottomless well of love inside thanks to daughter number 3 (Delaney) and a new grand baby expected in August.


Savanna is unique, smart, stubborn and the funniest person I know. She has a way of phrasing her words that almost continuously cracks the rest of us up. For many years, I have felt that we travel with a built in comedy show as Savanna and her good friend Shan (who is basically daughter number 4) were a comedic dual.


I expect all moms say this but how does is it that 25 years have passed since I held that little bundle in my arms after a very eventful labor and delivery, (not due to the baby, but due to food poisoning that both my husband and I were suffering from). It continues to be an honour to witness the blossoming and growth of another human being!


Love you to the moon and back honey and happy birthday from your mom!


Women | Life | Wisdom: The Importance of Friends

I have a ‘best friend forever’ who I met when we were both 18. We share a birthday Month, which is coming up and we are turning 58. As I was typing this, it occurred to me that we have been friends for 40 years, wow!

We see each other once a year at the most and talk, text or email every few months, so there is not a lot of contact. She lives in a different city, in another province.

We occasionally travel together!

IMG_0851.JPGOur next trip together is to the Banff WordFest in the October, our last was a spa weekend to Sparkling Hills. We’ve traveled farther afield too and were to climb Mt Kilimanjaro until sanity prevailed, we have settled on doing a sensible stretch of the Camino de Santiago instead.

We make each other laugh like no other. She recently sent me an email and every time I remember her words, I break into a giggle. She referenced her bridesmaid dress for my wedding, a cigarette and breaking the rules and it was nothing about smoking. I’ll let your imagination flow on this one. I’m still chuckling.

All this is to say that I love her and treasure our longstanding and deep friendship!

Love you Barb!



Quote of the Day: Pema Chodron



“If we learn to open our hearts, everyone,  

including the people who drive us crazy,

can be our teacher.”


~ Pema Chodron


It’s Final: I’m Now a Certified Mentor Coach with Invite Change! Woot Woot!

Check it out!

Backpacking Around the World: Thank Heavens for Rolling Packs!

The Romance of Backpacking


I traded ‘suitcases’ with my eldest daughter recently. She returned home earlier and I was wanting to ‘travel light’ so sent her home with my rolling duffle and most of my clothes. Also, her backpack has tons of very cool patches from all of her exotic travels and well, I just wanted to see how it felt; to assume her pack.

It felt damn heavy actually, although I am very impressed with the construction of the pack itself.  Luckily I had read ‘Wild” and knew that a bed came in mighty handy for getting the darn thing on my back.  Also, luckily for me, later in the day, there was a muscular Seattle Seahawks fan who was able to help me on with it at the little cafe where I had lunch and once I returned to civilization, legions of cab drives and porters were available.

I now know that for my around the world backpacking trip I plan to take to celebrate retirement, I need to source an extra light, functional pack with wheels, possibly one that comes with a porter or with Reese Witherspoon.

Initial research completed, I shall drive into my final years of work.

peace out,




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