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As Boomers We Are Responsible For Our Environment!

Boomers Are Responsible!

My daughter said something the other day that shocked me by the truth of the statement. She said that kids of her age (23) hold us Boomers responsible for all the environmental damage to Canada as we were the first generation that knew the costs that did nothing about it.

I was immediately defensive as I have personally tried very hard to be environmentally responsible, however, this is not the narrative.

As a group, younger Canadians feel deluded, disenfranchised and defrauded by those of us who have pretended we knew what we were doing.

They deserve more, they deserve better!

Celebrating a 21 Year ‘Sobriety Cake’

Celebrating Sobriety

Its a tradition in the recovery world to celebrate the anniversary of one’s ‘sobriety’ with a cake, like a birthday or anniversary.

I’m excited to say that I have been sober for 21 years today.

I don’t believe I have written much about the years immediately preceding July 2, 1994, that’s for another time, however, I say a prayer of thanks every morning I wake up sober and am incredibly grateful for the deep learning and growth my recovery has given me. I am humbled by and have such respect for anyone working through an addiction. Take it easy my friends.

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