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Being Mindful About Your ‘Just Enough’ Place?

Inspired Living: Where Is Your ‘Just Enough Place’?

Are you one of those people who is always striving to do better, who would feel dissatisfied by ‘just enough’?  Are you striving to be better, get better; achieve five year plans, learn the next new thing and so on? There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of ambition, in fact, it helps you get things done, however, it needs to be balanced with an equally dynamic and seemingly mutually exclusive energy of ‘I am enough, I know enough, I have enough’ or what I, as a life coach call, your ‘just enough place’.

If the balance isn’t there, if you move beyond your ‘just enough place’ frequently enough, people can become highly wound perfectionists, never satisfied with their life. On the other hand if one totally misses the ‘ambition or life long learning gene’, life is devoid of forward growth and learning. The concept of ‘just enough’ then, is integral to life balance and fulfillment.

The concept of ‘just enough’ is also woven into many spiritual traditions, where ‘living lightly on the earth’ is valued and the notions of discernment and generosity are also highly valued.

Again, it’s calling for the use of higher thought, for the ability to hold two seemingly mutually exclusive ideas and ways of being in mind and action … just for today, I am enough, I will take just what I need, I will eat just enough to satisfy my hunger, I will share any extra I have … while working with heartfelt and heart centered intention towards your goals, anchored in clear and strongly held values and guiding principles.

Be mindful and play with these ideas in your own life and see what unfolds. Here is another article on the topic you may enjoy.



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Word Power – Word of the Day: Resiliency

Word of the Day: Resiliency

I just read a great quote about failure and resiliency on Twitter, it was something about how you haven’t actually failed until you stay down after a fall.

How many of you have failed at something or had a less than stellar work or life experience? It feels awful right? Yup, I’ve been there too!

In life we are taught that failure is to be avoided at all costs. Even the word ‘failure’ is emotionally charged and can trigger feelings such as shame and anxiety. I have heard it said that as parents we need to teach our kids to ‘fail better’ and this brought a smile to my face.

Research shows though, that tough times really do make you stronger. The flip side of failure is resiliency. Developing resiliency is a key indicator of a deeper sense of life fulfillment and meaning. Whether it’s in the area of personal growth or professional leadership skill development, having resilience, the ability to learn from all manner of experiences is a trait common to successful people.

Yes, we will all fall. It’s what we chose to do after that makes the difference!

Daily Self Care | Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga


Your Morning Cup of Self Care

So, many women I know feel that they don’t have time for mindfulness meditation and yoga first thing in the morning, yet, even ten minutes directed to these self care activites can provide a positive start to your day and elevate your emotional health and mood.

Set a timer and do five minutes of meditation. I like using Pinterest for great visuals and instructions. I also like the quote that 99% of meditation is showing up!

Then, pick three yoga postures or stretches and hold each one for one minute and do one minute on shivasana to complete your self care routine for the morning. Another way to incorporate the yoga is to create a simple flow of a few standing postures and do these in sequence.

Learn about about simple mindfulness practices and use these during the day to stay ‘grounded’ in the moment.

Starting your day with the intention of directing loving self compassion your own way is the best self care there is!

Inspiring Women: Vancouver Women’s March

Women’s March, Vancouver women come together in powerful solidarity!

A collage of a powerful and inspiring day!

It was a great day for the Women’s March when one of my three daughters and I joined thousands of other women, men, girls and boys and headed down to Jack Poole Plaza. I was struck by the diversity in ages and also by the sense of joi de vivre from the lively and respectful crowd participating in the Women’s March of Solidarity in Vancouver.

I ran into many friends from the yoga and coaching communities as well as friends from previous work environments. It felt like a homecoming!

I left feeling jazzed, exhilarated and exhausted.

It seems like the real work begins now, that of maintaining and living the principles of unity, hope, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

Onward. Ho. In Love.


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