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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day as women all around the world celebrate the large and small gains we have made towards being granted identity status, equality, reducing violence against women and children, improvement in healthcare for our families and access to education to name a few.

I remind myself of the quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich “well behaved women seldom make history”, which is a wonderful play with words, however, as I understand it, is Thatcher’s ‘tribute to the silent work of ordinary people’ (wikipedia). And isn’t this sentiment relevant in these times? It will be the silent work of ordinary people, not only women,  coming together to organize and organize some more, to push forward, to challenge, to not remain silent.

So, yes, today is a wonderful day to remember and celebrate all the work of the women who have gone before me who have fought for the rights I have today and to understand that as our world grows smaller, conversations including intersectional theory will become more important. To inform my thinking in this I am happy to say I have three fabulous daughters, one of whom particularly is my mentor. She even accompanied me on the Vancouver Women’s March a few weeks ago. So, today is also a wonderful day to acknowledge and celebrate all the women and girls who follow us, who are our future and our hope!

Walking Toward the Sun: A Metaphor for Ageing


Walking Toward the Sun

As my 60th birthday nears, I’ve been engaged in frequent conversations about ageing and how I’m going to ‘mark’, celebrate or recognize this transition time.  The stale language of ‘over the hill’ has never worked, however, this morning on my beach walk, ‘walking toward the sun’ seemed like ideal phraseology.

‘Walking toward the sun’ implies that each day is fresh and new as indeed it is and while life is a continuous journey, one’s life can be re-imagined each morning.

I feel energized by the sun and nourished by the moon. I walk towards the sun and am drawn towards the moon. While certainly Ageing and the cycle of life is in play, these words and images feel much better than imagining I’m on a continuous downward slide.

Using ‘sun’ as a destination is also kind of intriguing for me.

So, I continue my life as a day and a journey filled with fiery light and soulful nights.

Mindful Self-Compassion For Health Practitioners

valentines day

Mindful Self Compassion for Health Practitioners

It is my great honor to share information about an upcoming workshop in Nanaimo, BC, facilitated by two skilled and experienced friends.

March 31, 2017

hosted by Compassion Inspired Health


I have had the experience of contracting Victoria and Carolena to present a similar workshop to a mixed group working in the non-profit sector and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Recently in a conversation, ‘self compassion’ was described as ‘applying salve to a burned out soul’; doesn’t that resonate for many of us who have been working in the helping professions?

Please feel free to share this widely and wildly!

Time for Renewal Los Cabos Style

Brunch at Buzzards

Taking some time in Mexico for renewal with long time female friends and planning for the next phase of life and business. Gotta love the Los Cabos  ‘surf shack’ brunches. ‘Buzzards’ serves a fabulous Eggs Benedict with shrimp and avocado, I’ll be back for sure!

There is truly something to be said for vacations and time for renewal and relaxing in the sun with good friends.

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