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Mindful Self-Compassion For Health Practitioners

valentines day

Mindful Self Compassion for Health Practitioners

It is my great honor to share information about an upcoming workshop in Nanaimo, BC, facilitated by two skilled and experienced friends.

March 31, 2017

hosted by Compassion Inspired Health


I have had the experience of contracting Victoria and Carolena to present a similar workshop to a mixed group working in the non-profit sector and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Recently in a conversation, ‘self compassion’ was described as ‘applying salve to a burned out soul’; doesn’t that resonate for many of us who have been working in the helping professions?

Please feel free to share this widely and wildly!

Inspiring Women: Vancouver Women’s March

Women’s March, Vancouver women come together in powerful solidarity!

A collage of a powerful and inspiring day!

It was a great day for the Women’s March when one of my three daughters and I joined thousands of other women, men, girls and boys and headed down to Jack Poole Plaza. I was struck by the diversity in ages and also by the sense of joi de vivre from the lively and respectful crowd participating in the Women’s March of Solidarity in Vancouver.

I ran into many friends from the yoga and coaching communities as well as friends from previous work environments. It felt like a homecoming!

I left feeling jazzed, exhilarated and exhausted.

It seems like the real work begins now, that of maintaining and living the principles of unity, hope, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

Onward. Ho. In Love.


When Your Knees Hit The Floor: For Real

I posted the following quote on FB the other day, never thinking I would literally go through it.

Yup, it happened.

“Something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: 

a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor.”

~ Marianne Williamson

So, I’m out for my walk yesterday, still processing all the recent health diagnosis that are too frightfully boring and ‘chronic’  and ‘rare” and ‘serious’ feeling to go in to and walking daily is what I love but also part of my ‘healthy living plan” (Oh God, Ive become one of those older people) and thinking about which car was in the driveway while looking ahead at said driveway and not on the ground and I turned an ankle on a stone perfectly round like a squash ball and down I went, on my knees and arm and wrist and shoulder and holy  F*%K, it hurt like the be jeesus. Luckily I carry my iPhone with me, so I can measure my peak heart rate so I called middle daughter to help and of course she did (daughter number one got in a comment about a walker before I told her where to put her that nonsense) and one of them had a comment about me not wearing my glasses.

This quote now makes so much more sense, Marianne was out for a walk without her glasses and tripped and fell!

All joking aside, it is true; as I lay there in considerable physical and emotional pain, of being ill, of getting older, of being in a failing marriage, of being one of those people I said I would never become (how did I think I could avoid health issues?), something in me let go, released, shook free and I don’t know that I feel noble, however, my knees certainly hit the floor, in this case pavement, I do feel humble and like my world has fallen apart and I guess I can see a glimmer of beauty and a little bubble of a giggle as I listen to my daughter with the dry sardonic wit describe the event to her sisters (‘yeh, I had to help her up, she was a mess, she was wailing like a newborn baby’, which we will have soon in the family) and in all of this perhaps the beauty is that of authentic raw vulnerability. I’m just like everybody else, I feel, I hurt, I need help and in that I feel compassion, I feel universal pain, I feel universal hurt, I feel universal compassion. We are all the same and there’s the beauty.




Women & Books: Sunday Mornings

On Sunday morning, I have a chance to catch up on my reading, download new books (this week in anticipation of an upcoming vacation) and leisurely peruse book lists and reviews. All this from the comfiness of bed bed, coffee (lightened with eggnog) in hand.

I have tended towards Canadian women authors and a current recommendation ‘How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler’s Memoir’ by Amber Dawn

Here is my current kindle bookshelf!


Los Cabos Love: Typical Beach Morning at Casa del Mar

When we are on vacation at Casita Topaz, we usually get up to watch the sunrise while having our coffee at the beach.

Even though there aren’t many people up at that time, there is plenty of activity!
Fishermen, pelicans, the occasional jogger and horses being taken to meet their riders.
casita topaz cabo
These horses were frisky!


Los Cabos on The Baja and Flora Farms

Flora Farms – One of the Faves

Many of my aunts, uncles and cousins lived on farms during my youth and I spent many happy times playing in the hay lofts, ponds, with the pets and helping in the gardens.

When we are at our comfy oceanfront casita Topaz at Casa del Mar in the Los Cabos Corridor or if guests are renting it, I always mention a trip to Flora Farms in Las Animas for drinks or a delicious meal.

Flora Farm is a working organic farm and is truly a delight to all the senses! You can purchase fresh produce and preserves, wander through the art gallery and/or book a tour of the farm and ‘culinary cottages’.

The resident dogs provide a very friendly touch!

Be sure to add Flora Farms to your list of ‘to dos’ for your next trip to Los Cabos!



Hollyhocks at Flora Farm


Casita Topaz: Los Cabos Corridor Beach Vacation Rental

The calendar is starting to fill for our delightful one bedroom Los Cabos condo vacation rental in the luxurious Los Cabos Corridor. Enjoy yoga on the beach, golf, tennis, long walks, pools and sun! A full service spa is steps away as part of the 5 star boutique hotel in the resort!

Mi Casa es Su Casa! Enjoy some photos ….



Loving Fall and the Tomato Festival at Earthwise Garden in Tsawwassen

Earthwise Garden Tomato Festival

Oh my, did I ever have a wonderful morning browsing around the Tomato Festival at Earthwise Gardens in Tsawwassen.

Here is part of my bounty ….


Topaz Lotus Living: Evening Prayers

Topaz Lotus Living: Evening Prayers

May all be filled with lovingkindness

May all be well

May all be peaceful and at ease

May all be happy


Los Cabos Luxury Oceanfront Vacation Rental: Casita Topaz

Los Cabos Luxury Vacation Rental

Los Cabos Luxury Vacation Rental

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: Luxury Los Cabos Vacation Rental Casita Topaz


It’s official, we are now the proud owners of a very special and gorgeous casita (one bedroom condo that sleeps four), part of the Casa del Mar Resort & Spa in the Los Cabos area of  Baja California, Mexico.

Do you live in Alaska, BC, Alberta, Washington or Oregon (or anywhere with rainy cold winters)  and like to escape to the hot sun?  If so, you would love Casita Topaz.

Our luxurious and romantic Cabo vacation condo is steps from the beach, has an oceanview and is fully renovated in eclectic ‘rustic Mexico meets sophisticated bohemian’ style after working with Tanya Talamante, a long time resident of San Jose del Cabo and an interior designer.

We used crowdsourcing to find out what folks think are the essentials for this type of a Los Cabos Mexican Vacation Rental and also what they they the ‘wow factor’ items would be.  We have outfitted the condo with two 42 inch flat screen TV’s, free wifi, a Webber gas BBQ, a comfy King size bed in the bedroom and a brand new easy to pull out Queen sofa bed in the living room.  The kitchen has a full range of utensils necessary for making delicious meals and smoothies.

The Casa del Mar Resort and Spa, located along the prestigious Los Cabos Corridor offers ‘yoga on the beach’ has a full-service spa, three restaurants, a gorgeous pool and bar area, tennis onsite and golf nearby. This gated deluxe resort and spa is blissfully quiet, beautifully landscaped and is considered to be world class.  The quaint boutique Zoetry Hotel onsite contains a small gift shop, formal restaurant and a gorgeous lounge for after dinner drinks.

The colonial town of San Jose del Cabo is a 10 minute drive north on a modern four lane highway and Cabo San Lucas, catering to a younger crowd is a 20 minute drive south.  Both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas offer a multitude of activities and restaurants catering to all tastes.

Some of our favorite restaurants are: Flora Farm Kitchen (a wonderful adventure serving fresh organic food), The Hangman (Mexican tacos, great for families), Deckmans (tapa style fusion menu) and Zippers on the Beach for good old fashioned burgers, fries and fish tacos.

Our Los Cabos luxury vacation rental is available for bookings and would be ideal for a romantic couples escape, a yoga on the beach holiday, a wellness vacation in the sun, a girlfriends holiday, or a vacation for a family with small children.  Our rates are: $150/day for 4 day bookings or less; $900 per week with a slight surcharge (20% for the Christmas/New Years weeks) and we offer a ‘returning friends rate’ for our repeat customers.

Look forward to the Casita Topaz Los Cabos Vacation Rental website coming soon.

Please contact me for more information at:


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