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Women | Life | Wisdom: Dreaming

Do you believe that we can communicate through dreams?

I am very curious about this and after an unbelievably wonderful dream last night about a friend from university, I would like to believe we do.

I know there are stories about this, about people sharing dreams, non local ways of knowing and the like. Rupert Sheldrake writes about these ideas and ancient tradition keepers would say ‘of course we do’.

I am grateful for my wonderful dream and am resting in the feelings of being loved and cherished.

Enjoy your day my friend!



Women | Life | Wisdom: The Importance of Friends

I have a ‘best friend forever’ who I met when we were both 18. We share a birthday Month, which is coming up and we are turning 58. As I was typing this, it occurred to me that we have been friends for 40 years, wow!

We see each other once a year at the most and talk, text or email every few months, so there is not a lot of contact. She lives in a different city, in another province.

We occasionally travel together!

IMG_0851.JPGOur next trip together is to the Banff WordFest in the October, our last was a spa weekend to Sparkling Hills. We’ve traveled farther afield too and were to climb Mt Kilimanjaro until sanity prevailed, we have settled on doing a sensible stretch of the Camino de Santiago instead.

We make each other laugh like no other. She recently sent me an email and every time I remember her words, I break into a giggle. She referenced her bridesmaid dress for my wedding, a cigarette and breaking the rules and it was nothing about smoking. I’ll let your imagination flow on this one. I’m still chuckling.

All this is to say that I love her and treasure our longstanding and deep friendship!

Love you Barb!



Los Cabos Love: Fond Memories

Fond memories of fun times with friends in San Jose del Cabo. This is from the funky beach restaurant that was on the beach side of the road to La Palmilla. I can’t for the life of me remember the name but I do remember the fun!


Women & Books: Sunday Mornings

On Sunday morning, I have a chance to catch up on my reading, download new books (this week in anticipation of an upcoming vacation) and leisurely peruse book lists and reviews. All this from the comfiness of bed bed, coffee (lightened with eggnog) in hand.

I have tended towards Canadian women authors and a current recommendation ‘How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler’s Memoir’ by Amber Dawn

Here is my current kindle bookshelf!


Women | Health | Life: A Powerful Quote from a Wise Woman

As a life, executive and organizational coach in the helping professions, I often encounter folks who are trying to ‘fix’ others.

Deborah Adele, author of “The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice” has a beatiful and wise way of speaking about this.

‘When we are unwilling to look deeply and courageously into our own lives, we can easily violate others in many subtle ways that we may not even be aware of, thinking that we are actually helping them.

Thinking we know what is better for others becomes a subtle way we do violence. When we take it upon ourselves to ‘help’ the other we whittle away at their sense of autonomy. Nonviolence asks us to trust the other’s ability to find the answer they are seeking. It asks us to have faith in the other, not feel sorry for them. Nonviolence asks us to trust the other’s journey and love and support others to their highest image of themselves, not our highest image of them. It asks that we stop managing ourselves, our experience, others, and others’ experiences of us. Leave the other person free of our needs, free to be themselves and free to see us as they choose.’

Powerful words and indeed, the foundational philosophy of the ‘coaching relationship’.



Yoga on the Beach: Los Cabos Vacation

Yoga on the Beach on our Recent Los Cabos Vacation

Wayne and I spent a busy week in Los Cabos recently, getting the condo ready for the rental season. It was a vacation from work at home but were we ever busy!

During the busyness of life yoga and coming back to my breath is my sanity.

I have been blessed with a friendship with Ivonne Lopez, who teaches the beach yoga classes at our Casa del Mar development.

Here is us with some honeymooners who attended class. It was a fabulous class!



Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote for Your Day!

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote


My heartbeat is the holy carpet I sit upon to meditate and pray.

Breath is the universal religion.

Humility is the key to unlocking all doors.”


~ From the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar




zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

integrative health coach for wise women

yoga & healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!v

Topaz Lotus Living: Evening Prayers

Topaz Lotus Living: Evening Prayers

‘Good night moon

Goodnight cows jumping over the moon …

Goodnight stars

Goodnight air

Goodnight noises everywhere’


Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote for Your Day

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote for Your Day

“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lies in the lining of your skin.”

~ Pablo Neruda

Enjoy your day


yoga, health & life coaching to light your fire & soothe your soul


Women ~ Health ~ Life: 3 Simple Health Tips

Topaz Lotus Living: 3 Simple Health Tips


1. Eat unprocessed foods most (ie 80%) of the time.

2. Do some type of flowing body movement each day like gentle yoga or Tai Chi

3. Laugh!


Enjoy your day!

in peace and mindfulness,



zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

health coach for wise women

yoga & healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!

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