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West Coast Seeds and Burns Bog Conservation Society Join Forces

News Flash! South of the Fraser, BC

West Coast Seeds and Burns Bog Conservation Society Join Forces

West Coast Seeds and the Burns Bog Conservation Society are celebrating International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day, May 1st.

Never heard of it? Well neither had Sharon Edelmeier of West Coast Seeds, and Eliza Olson of Burns Bog Conservation Society. That is, until they decided to do a fundraiser for the Society using seeds.

This last January, boxes and boxes of sunflower seeds arrived at the Burns Bog Conservation Society’s office. “I had no idea how I was going to do the fundraiser. I went on the internet and I discovered International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day!”

The Brussel’s Farmer, a group dedicated to transforming neglected public spaces, declared May 1st, International Sunflower Guerrilla Day in 2009. Now sunflowers are popping all over the world!

“I designed the invitation to “our first Annual International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day. West Coast Seeds designed the seed packets,” commented Eliza Olson.

A $25 donation comes with a promise to plant the seeds in your backyard. A $50 donation comes with the promise you will give the seeds to a friend. You can choose your own gift to the Society. In return you promise to help a child plant the Sunflower seeds. “I can hardly wait to see the sunflowers popping up in people’s yards. The seed heads make great bird feeders in the fall!”

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day is taking off all around the world. West Coast Seeds and the Burns Bog Conservation Society are just the latest groups to join this movement.

“It is one of those unexpected moments,” said Eliza Olson. “I always wanted to do a fundraiser with seeds. Our volunteers loved working on this project. And I get to give back something to our wonderful supporters!”

If you want to get in on the fun, call the Burns Bog Conservation Society at 604.572.0373. Choose your gift and get your package of sunflower seeds while they last. This is a Guerrilla movement worth joining. Phone early. Our supply of sunflower seeds is limited.


Contact: Eliza Olson, Burns Bog Conservation Society, 604.572.0373, cell
604.418.2314, or Sharon Edelmeier, West Coast Seeds, 604.952.8820 for more information.


Parents & Families in Surrey & White Rock, BC Canada – please participate in this survey and help change the future!

Families in Surrey and White Rock, BC Survey and Help Change the Future!
Please share and pass on widely and wildly!
The Children’s Partnership of Surrey / White Rock together with DIVERSEcity, OPTIONS Community Services and Alexandra Neighbourhood House are working on a project to assess how we can better serve families with children under 6 years in Surrey and White Rock. An important part of this study is an on-line survey which gives you an opportunity to provide information about your own family’s needs. All the information will be kept confidential and identifying personal information is not required.
Please follow the link below to complete this survey for us.  Thank you.

Remembering and a Future of Peace

Remembering and honoring our veterans and praying for peace & unity!




A Very Powerful Message from Respected Canadian Scientist – Dr. David Suzuki

I love my family, my 3 daughters and my husband and look forward to a time when I can play with my yet unborn grandchildren.

I love my friends, family and neighbors all over the world.

I care deeply about all the people in the world, the women I work with,  the future of the planet and my ‘still to come’ grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Please listen to this powerful message from a man I deeply respect, Canadian Scientist Dr. David Suzuki


In peace and mindfulness,


Citizen Journalism Evolving – The Institute For Citizen Journalism

I became interested in ‘citizen journalism’ being a student of mainstream journalism, and my naivete has slowly dissipated.  I have cast a keen passionately female eye on stories in the news and have found these filled with gender inequalities.  I have watched and read during times of great conflict and have seen nothing reported on the Peace March I participated in with 5000 people the day before.  I have questioned ethics, objectivity and research ability.  I see how the internet and social media allow for immediate reporting from all of us.

Happy I am to find a Vancouver based organization devoted to supporting Citizen Journalism.

This is from the website for “The Institute for Citizen Journalism”

Radio and TV Interview in Chimoio Mozambique

‘The Institute for Citizen Journalism (ICJ) was founded by a group of active journalists and citizen activists in Vancouver, Canada, as an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and integrity of journalism internationally. ICJ provides research support, journalism expertise, and innovative, accessible platforms for citizen journalists.’

I plan to join!

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations,


Acknowledge International Women’s Day by Learning More About Sexual Exploitation of Kids

Yes, today, March 8th is International Women’s Day and women all over the world are celebrating and acknowledging the realities, the struggles and the gains of women.

While I believe that significant gender inequities  still remain in Canada, there have been improvements.  We are aware of the massive inequalities in other parts of the world however and we need to continue to educate ourselves about this reality.

Learn more about this at:

Right here in the lower mainland of Vancouver, Canada, child and teen sex trafficking occurs regularly.  In today’s Vancouver Sun, journalist Gillian Shaw writes “Pimp offers pregnant teen for sex in online ad” and goes on to describe how the internet plays a role in child and teen sexual exploitation.

I believe that it is time for us ‘well behaved priviledged’ women to take our blinders off and learn about the realities right here in our own ‘town’.  Educate yourselves, talk about it, learn the facts!  Make your celebration of International Women’s Day a social action and wear a fuchia ribbon this week to acknowledge that is it “Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Teens Awareness Week”  ! Learn more:

Remember, “well behaved women seldom make history” (Laurel Thatcher Ulrich), misbehave a little by educating, advocating and saying “no more” to child and teen sexual exploitation!

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations,


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