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Gentle Yoga in Tsawwassen – cancelled

Yoga Series is cancelled due to a family health crisis, apologies!

Gentle Hatha Yoga in the Gallery, Tsawwassen with Zoey Ryan BSc, PCC, RYT

(Registered Hatha & Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Health Educator)

7 Week Starter Series

Tuesdays April 1 – May 13

5-6 pm

The Longhouse

Series: $95

Drop-In: $18

First Time Only Drop In: $10

Students 16+ and Elders 65+: ask me about the innovative & affordable sliding scale pricing option.

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket

Newbie, curvy, boomer, pregnant , 16 +? ~ all welcome!

namaste my friends






Oh Wow! Shoot For the Stars!

Ten years or so ago, my husband and I were on a holiday to Los Cabos, staying at The Melia. On one of our walks, we went up to the Cabo Real Golf Course and standing on the crest of a hill, with an incredible vista before us, made a pact that within ten years, we would have purchased a condo in Cabo. At that time, we had no idea how to accomplish this as with three daughters in the ‘orthodontic’ phase and headed towards College, finances were fully allocated. We returned home and slipped back into the flow of busy family life! I actually forgot about this pact until the other day, while on a walk up the same hill, with one of said daughters, currently in college. Something about the walk sparked a memory and I was able to share this story, knowing that we had accomplished our dream, having purchased a beautiful little condo the previous March.

So, shoot for the stars and you can walk in star dust!




Loving the Beach Walks in Los Cabos

My favorite way to start the day in Los Cabos is to watch the sunrise from the beach and then go for a beach walk!



em>Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness. ~ Mark Twain

casita topaz | Los Cabos vacation rental


Los Cabos Love: Typical Beach Morning at Casa del Mar

When we are on vacation at Casita Topaz, we usually get up to watch the sunrise while having our coffee at the beach.

Even though there aren’t many people up at that time, there is plenty of activity!
Fishermen, pelicans, the occasional jogger and horses being taken to meet their riders.
casita topaz cabo
These horses were frisky!


Los Cabos on The Baja and Flora Farms

Flora Farms – One of the Faves

Many of my aunts, uncles and cousins lived on farms during my youth and I spent many happy times playing in the hay lofts, ponds, with the pets and helping in the gardens.

When we are at our comfy oceanfront casita Topaz at Casa del Mar in the Los Cabos Corridor or if guests are renting it, I always mention a trip to Flora Farms in Las Animas for drinks or a delicious meal.

Flora Farm is a working organic farm and is truly a delight to all the senses! You can purchase fresh produce and preserves, wander through the art gallery and/or book a tour of the farm and ‘culinary cottages’.

The resident dogs provide a very friendly touch!

Be sure to add Flora Farms to your list of ‘to dos’ for your next trip to Los Cabos!



Hollyhocks at Flora Farm


Loving Fall and the Tomato Festival at Earthwise Garden in Tsawwassen

Earthwise Garden Tomato Festival

Oh my, did I ever have a wonderful morning browsing around the Tomato Festival at Earthwise Gardens in Tsawwassen.

Here is part of my bounty ….


Topaz Lotus Inspired Eco Living: Full Moon Magic

Full Moon Magic

It’s a full moon day, enjoy the magic of the mystical pull of the moon on tides and cycles!

it’s a wonderful time for a moon dance “
~ Van Morrison

Enjoy this special day!




Topaz Lotus Eco Living: 5 Steps of a Sacred Spiritual Practice

Practicing Yoga


Topaz Lotus Eco Living: Sacred Spiritual Practice


On the days (and I try for most mornings), that I complete my sacred spiritual practice, I find that the day unfolds more smoothly and mostly effortlessly.

Here is what I find fulfilling:

1. I start with a slow fluid sun salutation or some other gentle yoga postures.

2. Spiritual reading by authors such as Pema Chodron, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Deborah Adele is next.

3.  I have created a scrap book of beautiful images of gardens and landscapes and I often look through this.

4,  The 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar is a way of viewing time that fits for me as a woman who has lived by natural cycles, and I generally check to date according to this Mayan type calendar.

5.  I finish with some meditation.  Some days it is a couple of minutes and more often it is 10 minutes or so.

This wonderful start to my day usually takes 15 – 20 minutes and I just feel so much more depth to living and heart centered when I start my day with this sacred spiritual practice.


in peace & mindfulness


Women ~ Health ~ Life: Words of Wisdom


Women ~ Health ~ Life: Words of Wisdom


“She wrapped her own long arms around her shiny inner self & whispered, ‘It’s all right, I believe in you.”

~ author unknown


in mindfulness,


zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

personal life coach for wise women

yoga & healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote for Your Day!

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote


My heartbeat is the holy carpet I sit upon to meditate and pray.

Breath is the universal religion.

Humility is the key to unlocking all doors.”


~ From the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar




zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

integrative health coach for wise women

yoga & healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!v

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