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Women | Life | Health: The Importance of Family

It was a great pleasure to share in 93rd birthday celebrations with my dad!

Family is so important.



Women | Life | Wisdom: Happy 25th Birthday!

20130921-123718.jpgWomen | Life | Wisdom: Happy 25th Birthday!


It’s our middle daughter’s 25th today! Happy birthday Savanna.


I still remember that my biggest fear prior to her birth was that I wouldn’t have enough love for two babies as the minute our first daughter arrived, I was madly, deeply, totally head over heels in love with her and I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly have that much love again. I learned that I do and in fact have learned that there is a bottomless well of love inside thanks to daughter number 3 (Delaney) and a new grand baby expected in August.


Savanna is unique, smart, stubborn and the funniest person I know. She has a way of phrasing her words that almost continuously cracks the rest of us up. For many years, I have felt that we travel with a built in comedy show as Savanna and her good friend Shan (who is basically daughter number 4) were a comedic dual.


I expect all moms say this but how does is it that 25 years have passed since I held that little bundle in my arms after a very eventful labor and delivery, (not due to the baby, but due to food poisoning that both my husband and I were suffering from). It continues to be an honour to witness the blossoming and growth of another human being!


Love you to the moon and back honey and happy birthday from your mom!


Gentle Yoga in Tsawwassen – cancelled

Yoga Series is cancelled due to a family health crisis, apologies!

Gentle Hatha Yoga in the Gallery, Tsawwassen with Zoey Ryan BSc, PCC, RYT

(Registered Hatha & Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Health Educator)

7 Week Starter Series

Tuesdays April 1 – May 13

5-6 pm

The Longhouse

Series: $95

Drop-In: $18

First Time Only Drop In: $10

Students 16+ and Elders 65+: ask me about the innovative & affordable sliding scale pricing option.

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket

Newbie, curvy, boomer, pregnant , 16 +? ~ all welcome!

namaste my friends






Los Cabos Love: Fond Memories

Fond memories of fun times with friends in San Jose del Cabo. This is from the funky beach restaurant that was on the beach side of the road to La Palmilla. I can’t for the life of me remember the name but I do remember the fun!


Women | Health | Life: A Powerful Quote from a Wise Woman

As a life, executive and organizational coach in the helping professions, I often encounter folks who are trying to ‘fix’ others.

Deborah Adele, author of “The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice” has a beatiful and wise way of speaking about this.

‘When we are unwilling to look deeply and courageously into our own lives, we can easily violate others in many subtle ways that we may not even be aware of, thinking that we are actually helping them.

Thinking we know what is better for others becomes a subtle way we do violence. When we take it upon ourselves to ‘help’ the other we whittle away at their sense of autonomy. Nonviolence asks us to trust the other’s ability to find the answer they are seeking. It asks us to have faith in the other, not feel sorry for them. Nonviolence asks us to trust the other’s journey and love and support others to their highest image of themselves, not our highest image of them. It asks that we stop managing ourselves, our experience, others, and others’ experiences of us. Leave the other person free of our needs, free to be themselves and free to see us as they choose.’

Powerful words and indeed, the foundational philosophy of the ‘coaching relationship’.



Loving Fall and the Tomato Festival at Earthwise Garden in Tsawwassen

Earthwise Garden Tomato Festival

Oh my, did I ever have a wonderful morning browsing around the Tomato Festival at Earthwise Gardens in Tsawwassen.

Here is part of my bounty ….


Women ~ Health ~ Inspired Eco Living: Book Review

Book Review

I am re-reading “A Thousand Names For Joy:Living in Harmony With The Way Things Are by Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell.

When I am feeling “all tangled up emotionally”, reading this book (based on the Tao de Ching), never fails to soothe.

Every time I read this book, I feel I go deeper with the concepts and with my own learning.

I can understand how someone may have a problem with the content too, as it causes one to challenge what we think to be true.

I highly recommend this book for anyone on a journey of personal growth and inquiry.

In mindfulness,



Topaz Lotus Inspired Eco Living: The Beauty of Meditation

The Beauty of Meditation

Meditation creates ‘pure space’ between thoughts and feelings.

It allows one to detach from strongly held beliefs that no longer serve.

Meditation is ‘spring cleaning’ for the mind.



Topaz Lotus Inspired Eco Living: Full Moon Magic

Full Moon Magic

It’s a full moon day, enjoy the magic of the mystical pull of the moon on tides and cycles!

it’s a wonderful time for a moon dance “
~ Van Morrison

Enjoy this special day!




Topaz Lotus Eco Living: 5 Steps of a Sacred Spiritual Practice

Practicing Yoga


Topaz Lotus Eco Living: Sacred Spiritual Practice


On the days (and I try for most mornings), that I complete my sacred spiritual practice, I find that the day unfolds more smoothly and mostly effortlessly.

Here is what I find fulfilling:

1. I start with a slow fluid sun salutation or some other gentle yoga postures.

2. Spiritual reading by authors such as Pema Chodron, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Deborah Adele is next.

3.  I have created a scrap book of beautiful images of gardens and landscapes and I often look through this.

4,  The 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar is a way of viewing time that fits for me as a woman who has lived by natural cycles, and I generally check to date according to this Mayan type calendar.

5.  I finish with some meditation.  Some days it is a couple of minutes and more often it is 10 minutes or so.

This wonderful start to my day usually takes 15 – 20 minutes and I just feel so much more depth to living and heart centered when I start my day with this sacred spiritual practice.


in peace & mindfulness


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