Self Compassion

Self Compassion: is the ability to give to ones self the kindness and warm heart hearted caring one gives to a friend, family member or someone who is suffering.

I’m overjoyed to announce that following my participation in the 8 Week Mindful Self Compassion Program with Tim Burnett of Mindfulness Northwest in Bellingham, a program of the Center for Mindful Self Compassion, co-founded by Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer, I have decided to continue with my training and embark on the next phase of growth and learning which includes a 5 day Silent Meditation Retreat and teacher training. The Mindful Self Compassion program is an empirically solid, ‘practical tools’ based program that is perfectly in alignment with my previous yoga and coaching training.

It is with gratitude that long standing friends and colleagues introduced me to Mindful Self Compassion.

Victoria and Carolena founded the Center for Compassion Inspired Health and have been offering Mindful Self Compassion programs through their partnership. I am honoured to be linking with them in this worthy endeavour.