Holistic Health, Wellness and Nutrition Information and Resources for Women

While my first career was specifically health and nutrition related, I have moved into a broader approach, combining both Eastern and Western philosophy and spirituality in my work.

My approach is influenced by the science of Western allopathic medicine and the Eastern arts and sciences of Ayurveda, meditation, energy anatomy and centers (chakras), yoga philosophy and lifestyle and mind body research.

I believe in an individual approach to health.

I believe strongly in nutrition as both food and medicine.

I believe strongly that the body loves movement.

I believe in a mind body connection.

I believe that the practice of yoga provides a method of union between the mind and body and is rooted in ancient knowledge.

I believe that as we nourish our bodies, minds and sout through yoga, and focus on our breath and spirituality, our bodies will ask for healthier food, healthier water, healthier living.

I believe that women can develop weight wisdom.

I believe that pain and disease are symptoms calling out for attention and care.


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