ICF ACC or PCC Designation

Are you applying soon for your ACC or PCC designation and need 10 mentor coach hours for certification? Are you looking for an ICF Coach Mentor Coach?

As a PCC certified mentor coach (mentor coach certification through the Invite Change Mentor Coach program), I use the ICF guidelines for mentor coaching to work with ACC or PCC coaches who wish to solidly anchor their coaching in the ICF competencies and ethics and improve their coaching skills. Mentor coaching in the competencies is a different process that mentor coaching for business or business development coaching and is most helpful for ICF coaches who are applying for their next level of certification i.e. new coach applying for ACC designation or ACC coach moving to PCC coach. With ICF Mentor Coaching, there is more structure and written feedback designed to highlight a coaches blind spots as well as highlight strengths.

Doing the Mentor Coaching Certification was one of the very best things I have done for my own coaching as my mentor coaches were fearless in their feedback. The whole profession of coaching benefits through the process of mentoring, as like supervision, it elevates us all and increases the credibility and validity of our work.

Following ICF recommendations, working with me as your certified mentor coach, I loosely use the fee structure of $1500 for 10 hours of mentor coaching which includes 8 hours of 1-1 coaching (divided in a way that is co-created by us) with the final two hours to be used as follows: me reviewing a 30 minute audio file of a coaching session where you act as coach, 1/2 hour of a verbal 1-1 debrief  with you and written feedback for said session. Payment plans are available and payment is accepted via PayPal or etransfer/check. Note: as with all my coaching, I am always open to a discussion of fees and payment structure.

I invite you to contact me to explore this further if you are interested.