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Daily Cup of Life Coaching & Inspiration: Where Is Your ‘Just Enough’ Place?

Daily Cup of Coaching & Inspiration: Where Is Your ‘Just Enough’ Place? 

The concept of ‘just enough’ can be applied to every area of one’s life.  I tend towards being excessive, which, in the past,  has gotten me into trouble with my drinking, food intake, relationships, spending for example.

Practicing YogaI also have done the yo yo of ‘dieting’, ‘budgets’, abstinence, again all the ‘excess of deprivation’.

The concept I have become calm and settled with is the concept of ‘just enough’. Just enough food for me to feel satiated but not stuffed; just enough activity for me to feel energized but not fatigued; just enough sleep for me to feel rested but not groggy and it can go on.

Where does my pattern of ‘excess’ originate? The complexities of my life can be distilled to simply answer, the ‘dichotomy of abandonment and attachment’, leaving me with a deep soul longing, that can only be filled internally through spiritual practice.

As I meditate and practice all eight limbs of a spiritual yoga practice, my ‘just enough place’ is much easier to find. How about yours?




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Topaaz Lotus Living: a picture is worth a thousand emotions!


Have you ever seen something that immediatlty transports you back to a special time in your life?

That’s what happened to me when I saw these shoes at my ‘niece in love’, Carly boutique, Riot on Commercial in Vancouver! Blue suede shoes, dancing, laughing, fun, old times!

Enjoy your day!


peace & hippie love for generations,


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My Yoga Inspired Bracelet Stack: Personal Jewelry

Some women collect figures, some shoes, I have collected nature and yoga inspired bracelets!

I often buy one to commemorate a trip or special event, most recently treating myself to a chakra necklace and bracelet from the Mala Collective.

The collection started with a trip to Sayulita and a leather and pearl handmade bracelet by a local artist and I have added on from there. I have lots of women asking where I purchased my stack!

Here’s a pic without my new chakra bracelet which is currently in the mail!




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Women | Life | Writing: Writer’s Block Diminishing!

I  guess we all go through it, you know, those times where the creative juices need fermenting and there is no outward expression!

My writer’s/bloggers block is diminishing!  While this is happening, am excited to feature a few guest bloggers!  Let me know if you are interested.

I am happy to report that my creativity and love for coaching are joyfully high!

More to come …

In peace & mindfulness



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Women | Health | Life: The Year and Soul-Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants – Week 6

This week, as I felt I was babying a virus that had come visiting, I chose to complete my week of yoga and soul-sisterhood at home, with my wonderful dog Teagan as my ‘soul-sister’.

I truly do find that when I do my home practice, our pets often accompany me with some stretches. Of course, they don’t wear their yoga pants and I am most often in my pj’s, however, we enjoy our practice together!

I usually do a slow flow sun salutation each morning and some restorative postures in the evening.

Teagan does a pretty great down doggie!

Here is a recent picture of my sweet dog!


Women | Health | Life: Inspirational Quote of the Day!

InSpiriational Quote & Life Tip of the Day to help you live a life in balance!


Live fully
Create happiness
Imagine peace
Seek truth
Laugh often
Hope more
Inspire change!

From a wall poster !

Enjoy your glorious day dear friends and feel free to pass this on.




Women | Life | Work: Words of Wisdom for Women – Leadership Mistakes


I seem to be reading about leadership everywhere these days, and I love it!

I had a wonderful surprise with starting Steve Farber’s new book, which I down loaded on my ipad and started reading yesterday.  I don’t want to say much more, other than ‘do the same’ as I may spoil your surprise.  What I resonated with, in addition to the words, was a sense of Steve’s presence and the personal touch that made the experience of reading the book exceptional for me.

This morning on LinkedIn, one of the articles (from Forbes) was entitled “New Leaders: To Make Your Mark, Do Nothing” and it spurred my thinking to the area of ‘mistakes’ or ‘do overs’.

As a leader, I have made tons of mistakes and experience many OS!Moments!  One of my main mistake and the biggest thing I would like to ‘do over’, is to “do nothing” in an organization for about 6 months or longer.  This would give me a chance to get a sense of the culture, the people, the informal rules, the energy of the system, so to speak.  It would also clearly say that my personality, my energy is only a small part of the whole system and would speak to a collaborative leadership style.

I wonder too, if due to the gender divide and the history of an imbalance in women, success and power relative to our male counterparts, women are more afraid than men to make mistakes in leadership and err on safety?  Does being safe as a leader mean being stagnant as an organization?

I would love to hear from women leader’s as to what your main ‘mistake’/’do over’ would be!  Please share!  From our sharing, we can learn, grow and support each other!

in peace & mindfulness



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Women | Work | Leadership: Words of Wisdom for Women Leaders

Women’s Leadership Tip

Continuing the discuss of the ‘being’ and ‘doing’ of women’s leadership…

Leadership can and should be crazy, magic, awful and wonderful, just like life!

‘What the double hockey sticks’ you may be thinking!

In life, coaches know that the messiness and hard parts are often the ‘gateways’ to amazing personal, spiritual and professional growth!

It is the same with leadership.

Steve Farber, extreme leadership guru and author of ‘Radical Leap: re-energized’ was a keynote speaker at the International Coach Federation Conference I attended in Las Vegas recently. Steve talks about the ‘OS!M’ and this does not refer to open source! He refers to the interplay of love and fear and encourages leaders to experience an ‘oh s#*t!moment’ frequently.

In my experience in coaching and in leadership, these moments are frequent and scary and authentic and real and edgy and if one stays mindful with the process, can catalyze transformation, personally and organizationally!

So, play around with OS!M this week in life and work.

Read more on Steve’s website, click on ‘Pursue the OS!M’

In peace & mindfulness



Women | Health | Life: Inspirational Quote for the Week – On Courage



Inspirational Quote of the Week – On Courage

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” ? Terence McKenna

(from the School of Sacred Arts facebook page)


Have a powerfully, courageous week!


in peace & mindfulness



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Women | Health | Life: The Year and Soul-Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants – Week 4



I feel satiated and not with food but with the blissed out body centered feeling that comes after a wonderful yoga class!

Returning from vacation, I felt like staying close to my home yoga studio of Shanti Yoga in  Tsawwassen and took in a ‘gentle hatha’ yoga class this morning with my friend Dori.   Heather led us in many hip opening asanas as collectively agreed on at the beginning of the class, gotta love the ‘soul-sisterhood’!  At Shanti Yoga, music plays during the active part of class and I LOVE this!  I wish more studios would do this.

I reconnected with another friend at class and really feel like the yoga folks are my tribe!  I miss the new friends I made at Shanti Yoga Los Cabos!  Maybe I’ll see some of the Mexico vacationing Vancouver folks who hang out at Moksha Yoga on West Broadway when I use my passport to prana.

Feeling energized and healthy after class I did a ‘power spring clean’ in our bedroom to the delight of my husband who is much tidier than I.

My daughters had given me a gift certificate to Shanti Yoga Tsawwassen as my birthday present and I used it today to purchase a pair of  tiny ‘OM’ disc drop earrings by Satya Jewelry.  I’m thrilled as I have been experiencing very sensitive ears, however, these earrings are so sweet and light that it doesn’t even feel like I have anything in my ear lobes!

I wore my fav comfy brown yoga pants with the leopard print detailing around the hips.  Dori wore her Lululemon Capri’s and the other women had some cool yoga pants too!  Lots of women were wearing the very wide legged yoga pants and one woman had these funky drop  waist champagne yoga pants that were rouched around the shin!  I really like some of the new tie dyed yoga pants, however, I don’t think that the style would suit my ‘womanly’ body.

Dori and I went for ‘tea’ after yoga and it was another great chat with one of my ‘soul-sisters’!  She had a chai latte and I splurged on a delish’ mocha with whip.

I plan to purchase my ‘passport to prana Vancouver’ soon and start exploring more wonderful local studios!


Enjoy this magnificent day!

in peace & mindfulness



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