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Women ~ Health ~ Inspired Eco Living: Book Review

Book Review

I am re-reading “A Thousand Names For Joy:Living in Harmony With The Way Things Are by Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell.

When I am feeling “all tangled up emotionally”, reading this book (based on the Tao de Ching), never fails to soothe.

Every time I read this book, I feel I go deeper with the concepts and with my own learning.

I can understand how someone may have a problem with the content too, as it causes one to challenge what we think to be true.

I highly recommend this book for anyone on a journey of personal growth and inquiry.

In mindfulness,



Topaz Lotus Inspired Eco Living: Words of Wisdom

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

~ Gandhi


Women ~ Health ~ Life: 5 Simple Health Tips

Women ~ Health ~ Life: 5 Simple Health Tips You Can Use Today

1. Stop every hour and take 5 minutes for movement and deep breathing.

2. Eat only when you are hungry, not when you feel you should eat.

3. Sweat! Certain stress hormones can only be excreted through sweat or tears. Sweating on a daily basis is healthy and detoxifying.Since it is warm summer air in most parts of the world this should be fairly easy to accomplish!

4. Start & finish your day with some gentle stretches.

5. Be mindful of your thought patterns and when you find yourself ‘creating stories’ and ‘getting lost in your thoughts’ simply focus back on your breath!



zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

integrative health coach for wise women

yoga & healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!



Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote for Your Day

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: A Beautiful Quote for Your Day

“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lies in the lining of your skin.”

~ Pablo Neruda

Enjoy your day


yoga, health & life coaching to light your fire & soothe your soul


Women ~ Health ~ Life: 3 Simple Health Tips

Topaz Lotus Living: 3 Simple Health Tips


1. Eat unprocessed foods most (ie 80%) of the time.

2. Do some type of flowing body movement each day like gentle yoga or Tai Chi

3. Laugh!


Enjoy your day!

in peace and mindfulness,



zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

health coach for wise women

yoga & healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!

Women ~ Health ~ Life: An Evening Prayer

Topaz Lotus Living: An Evening Prayer


“Give us a thankful sense of the Blessings in which we live, of the many comforts of our lot; that we may not deserve to lose them by Discontent or Indifference.”

– Jane Austen (excerpted from her letters)


Have a wonderful evening my friends.


in peace & mindfulness,


zoey ryan BSc., PCC, RYT

health coach for wise women

yoga &  healthy life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul!

Women ~ Health ~ Life: Quote of the Day

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living

Women ~ Health ~ Life: Quote of the Day


You don’t find love,

it finds you.

It’s got a little bit to do with destiny,

fate and what’s written in the stars.


~ Anais Nin


Have a fabulous day!



zoey ryan BSc., PCC

personal certified healthy life coach for wise women

hatha yoga instructor

yoga & life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul


Topaz Lotus Living: New Friends!

One of the many wonderful things about yoga, is all the fabulous people one meets! I have become friends with Ivonne Lopez owner of Shanti Yoga Los Cabos and instructor for yoga on the beach at Zoetry Casa del Mar Resort & Spa. She is a very special person who has taught me so much about my body, yoga and the culture, politics and people of Mexico.

On our recent vacation to Casa del Mar we reconnected with Ivonne and had the pleasure of having her join us for dinner the last night of our trip. Coincidentally we picked a restaurant that is also Ivonne’s favourite. ‘The Hangman’ cafe is a funky, family owned local restaurant that is a Mexican version of Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Having Ivonne with us was so much fun and helpful too, as she knows the owners and could order for us in fluent Spanish. Each table has hot small pickled potatoes and an assortment of dips and spicy toppings as accompaniments.


We completed our delicious and in –
expensively priced meals with Mexican hot chocolate and the traditional flan. The total $ for five hungry people was $660 pesos, similar to just over $50 US.

We enjoyed some good laughs about our mixed up attempts to speak Spanish after a local taught us a slang word of questionable repute.

The whole evening was wonderful and all due to the community of yoga.




Women ~ Life ~ Wisdom: Thought for the Day

Topaz Lotus Living: Inspirational Thought for the Day!


I read a fabulous article this morning about ‘new beginnings” and the advice is …


stay present, stay present, stay present!

I guess it’s all about mindfulness 🙂

Happy day to you,

peace & lotus love for generations,


life coaching for wise women


Women ~ Life ~ Travel: Yoga on the Beach

One of my favorite trips is to the Cabo area as I have mentioned before and what I am particularly excited about this year is yoga on the beach with Ivonne of Shanti Yoga Los Cabos!

We stay at Casa Del Mar and Ivonne offers yoga on the beach on Friday, Sunday and Wed at 8:30 am. It is glorious, with the sun just up and the sound of the waves gently lapping on the beach. Last year, my friend Bonnie joined me, however, this year, I hear that both our guys are joining in as well. They have heard that all the NBA teams do yoga so I guess there’s that!

I’m looking forward to return trips to “The Hangman” and Flora Farms as well as a sunset cruise and dancing on Eco Cat. This year I will not play with the baby tiger!

The new things/places I am interested in exploring are an EcoCat trip to Santa Maria Beach, so we can see the beaches from the water side as well as experiencing the top rated restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, “The Drunken Sailor”! As it’s my birthday on March 16th, I get to pick the restaurant for our friends first night dinner and “The Drunken Sailor” it is! I don’t drink at all anymore, suffice it to say, there were too many ‘drunken’ nights, however, the other three do and we have all spent many a fun night together sailing!

This trip, I also want to practice my Spanish in preparation for the December trip to Yelapa, Mexico!

Hasta luego mi amigas!


peace & hippie lotus love for generations!


life coach for wise women

life coaching to set your heart on fire & soothe your soul!


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