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Inspired Thought For The Day: The Dawn


This poem by Rumi caught my attention yesterday and is included in ‘Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow’ by Elizabeth Lesser

Today, like everyday, we wake up empty and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down the dulcimer, Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kiss the ground.

Writing is my dulcimer, the way I welcome the day, the way I connect to my calm center and my spirituality. If softens me and in a comforting way, connects me with all the writers before, during and after me. Words and phrases are my muse my way of kissing the ground in devotion.

Enjoy your day my friend.

Beautiful Quote for a Full Moon Magic Type Day!

It’s Full Moon Magic Today!


“Let us walk with a staff of gratitude,

bearing flowers of innocence and wise sap from the One Tree of Life.

Let us perfume the air with mercy,

and lend the hands of our bodies’ temples to build new alliances of Mother and Spirit.”


these words of wisdom are from ~ The 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar


Take time today to walk with a staff of gratitude!


Now it’s off for my last day of yoga teacher training at Open Door in Vancouver! Our last day is officially next Saturday, however, that day will be a full one of celebration, today is still some training!





Women’s Book Clubs – Two Great Books to Share

Topaz Lotus Wellness & Inspired Living: Women’s Book Clubs


For our ‘Women’s Book Club’ (meeting for over 15 years), we have recently read two books that I greatly enjoyed and I would like to share these with you:


“To Be Sung Underwater” by Tom McNeal


“Where’D You Go Bernadette: A Novel” by Maria Semple


These two books are quite different, although both are contemporary fiction.  It has been a long time since I enjoyed two books quite so much and I highly recommend both of these books.



Words of Wisdom: Inspiring Quote of the Day

Words of Wisdom: Inspiring Quote of the Day


“I’m not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher


This quote has particular resonance for me as one of our daughters is traveling in South East Asia and I am so thrilled for her to experience new cultures and meet new people!


in mindfulness,


zoey ryan ~ life coach for wise women

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An Inspirational Quote: Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from Mary Anne Radmacher


‘ Find your balance and stand with it.  Find your song and sing it out.  Find your cadence and let it appear like a dance.  Find the questions that only you know how to ask and the answers that you are content to not know.’




life coach for wise women

life coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul


Women ~ Health ~ Life – Good Hearted Quote for the Day

Topaz Lotus Living

A wise woman says …

“People get into a heavy duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something bad and they are being punished. That’s not the idea at all. The idea of karma is that you continually get the teachings that you need to open your heart. To the degree that you didn’t understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, how to stop armoring your heart, you’re given this gift of teachings in the form of your life, to give you everything you need to open further.”

~ Pema Chodron


Happy Day!


life coach for wise women



Great Quote!

“We are the ones we have been waiting for!”  … awaken, connect and rejoice!

Enjoy your day my wise friends.

in peace & mindfulness,


zoey ryan ~ life & yoga coach for wise women

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Women | Health | Life: The Year and Soul-Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants – Week 6

This week, as I felt I was babying a virus that had come visiting, I chose to complete my week of yoga and soul-sisterhood at home, with my wonderful dog Teagan as my ‘soul-sister’.

I truly do find that when I do my home practice, our pets often accompany me with some stretches. Of course, they don’t wear their yoga pants and I am most often in my pj’s, however, we enjoy our practice together!

I usually do a slow flow sun salutation each morning and some restorative postures in the evening.

Teagan does a pretty great down doggie!

Here is a recent picture of my sweet dog!


Women | Health | Life: Inspirational Quote of the Day!

InSpiriational Quote & Life Tip of the Day to help you live a life in balance!


Live fully
Create happiness
Imagine peace
Seek truth
Laugh often
Hope more
Inspire change!

From a wall poster !

Enjoy your glorious day dear friends and feel free to pass this on.




Women | Life | Work: Words of Wisdom for Women – Leadership Mistakes


I seem to be reading about leadership everywhere these days, and I love it!

I had a wonderful surprise with starting Steve Farber’s new book, which I down loaded on my ipad and started reading yesterday.  I don’t want to say much more, other than ‘do the same’ as I may spoil your surprise.  What I resonated with, in addition to the words, was a sense of Steve’s presence and the personal touch that made the experience of reading the book exceptional for me.

This morning on LinkedIn, one of the articles (from Forbes) was entitled “New Leaders: To Make Your Mark, Do Nothing” and it spurred my thinking to the area of ‘mistakes’ or ‘do overs’.

As a leader, I have made tons of mistakes and experience many OS!Moments!  One of my main mistake and the biggest thing I would like to ‘do over’, is to “do nothing” in an organization for about 6 months or longer.  This would give me a chance to get a sense of the culture, the people, the informal rules, the energy of the system, so to speak.  It would also clearly say that my personality, my energy is only a small part of the whole system and would speak to a collaborative leadership style.

I wonder too, if due to the gender divide and the history of an imbalance in women, success and power relative to our male counterparts, women are more afraid than men to make mistakes in leadership and err on safety?  Does being safe as a leader mean being stagnant as an organization?

I would love to hear from women leader’s as to what your main ‘mistake’/’do over’ would be!  Please share!  From our sharing, we can learn, grow and support each other!

in peace & mindfulness



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