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ICF Mentor Coach …Why go it alone?

Are you a Coach in training needing support for your Certification? Perhaps you are an ICF coach looking for Mentor Coaching and working towards an ACC or PCC designation? Are you looking for an ICF Certified Mentor Coach?

I would love to support you with this as your ICF Mentor Coach and Coach Mentoring.

In addition to being an experienced PCC level coach with tons of ‘on the ground experience’ I am also a Certified Mentor Coach having successfully completed, the “Mentor Coach Certification” program, designed and offered by “Invite Change” and accredited by the ICF. The Invite Change coach/trainers have designed this powerful and intense offering following many years of coaching , training and ICF assessor experience.

As a certified mentor coach, I use the ICF guidelines for coach mentoring  to work with ACC or PCC coaches who wish to improve their coaching skills and solidly anchor their coaching in the ICF competencies. Mentor coaching in the competencies is a different process than mentor coaching for business or business development coaching and is most helpful for ICF coaches who are applying for their next level of certification i.e. new coach applying for ACC designation or ACC coach moving to PCC coach. With ICF Mentor Coaching, there is more structure and written feedback designed to highlight a coach’s blind spots as well as highlight strengths.

Doing the Mentor Coaching Certification was one of the very best things I have done for my own coaching as my mentor coaches were fearless in their feedback. The whole profession of coaching benefits through the process of mentoring, as like supervision, it elevates us all and increases the credibility and validity of our work.

Loosely following ICF guidelines, working with me as your certified mentor coach, I use the fee structure of $1500US (or Canadian at par) for 10 hours of direct mentor coaching which includes 1-1 coaching as a discovery session, on-going coaching with me, as your Coach Mentor reviewing between 1-3 x 30-45 minute audio file(s) (plus written transcript) of coaching sessions where you act as coach, 1 hour of a verbal 1-1 debrief and written feedback for said sessions and a ‘celebration and completion call’ plus coaching on other topics around your skill development as co-created by us which may include additional specific discussion on any of the ICF Competencies, role – playing and review of ICF Ethics and Guidelines and exam preparation. The Mentor Coaching package also includes virtually unlimited email/text coaching.

To get a sense of my coaching style, I offer a complimentary coaching session in addition to a brief introductory chat so that you can make an informed decision about your Mentor Coach.

If you chose to work with me, payment plans are available and payment is accepted via Square, PayPal or etransfer/check. Note: as with all my coaching, I am always open to a discussion of fees and payment structure.

I invite you to contact me to explore this further if you are interested.

With Warm Regards,