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Ahhh, life balance.  I took a look through all the requests for coaching received through the International Coach Federation Website in the last month.  Roughly, 80-90% of those folks requesting life coaching, listed life balance as one of the areas they wish to work on.  It is a hot topic.

Being a science type from university, I love the biological idea that we are all, as humans a full and complete living biological system, living within other full and complete living systems.  When such a system is in balance, all parts of the system work together, feel energized and flow easily and effortlessly.  When a biological system is out of balance, all hell breaks loose and the system moves from a state of equilibrium to a state of disequilibrium. 

A really clear example of this from the area of the world where I live is in the effects of global warming.  With the summer temperatures slightly higher than usual, the pine beetle is able to flourish for a longer life cycle and is destroying many of the pine forests.  Now the actual temperature change is slight but the effects are disasterous.  Another biological example of disequilibrium in a system are the dying coral reefs in the pacific ocean.

Enough of a science review!  There is though, a lot of learning that can be transferred from living systems theory to personal life balance!  Think of yourself as a finely tuned biological system.  What happens if this system doesn’t receive enough water, sunlight, rest, emotional intimacy etc.  What happens if the “temperature” around you gets too high, from emotional conflict, from running your life on adrenaline, from excessive energy expenditure without a balance in down time?

You got it!  You become “out of balance” and may be in a perpetual state of disequilibrium without even knowing it!

What are your personal sign posts for “being in balance” and “being out of balance”?  What is the “big win” of living a balanced life?  What are those things in life that tip you out of balance?

If you need help with all this, I would love to support you!  Think about trying a sample coaching session!



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