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3 Life Coaching Tips to Savour Summer

3 Life Coaching Tips to Savour Summer

In ancient traditions, living in alignment with the seasons is an integral part of healing and spiritual practice. It is understood that there are cycles in life as in nature and to be in alignment with nature allows for flow, for synchronicity, for harmony.

Pulling together threads from many of the ancient traditions, summer energy is about blossoming; about enlightenment, about giving, about fiery energy, about the light.

How do you sense summer energy in your life, in your body, in your thoughts?

I recall one business coaching client I worked with, who used summer energy to envision her business plan for the next year. Summer time often allows for more flexibility and this was the case in her service oriented business.

A life coaching client used summer energy to wake up with the sun, and go to sleep with the sun tapping into Ayurvedic wisdom for her body type. She found that her energy was increased as she naturally aligned with the rhythm of the sun.

So, in the spirit of savour summer, cycles and leveraging the light, here are 3 life coaching tips for you and your unique blend of summer harmony.

1. For one day, (best if it is a sunny day) throw away your clocks, watches and time pieces and experiment with using the sun to give you the time of day.

2. Reflect on you and your cycles, and ask what changes for you with the different seasons?  Do you notice changes in your energy, your sleep times, your intuition?

3.Savour some fresh local seasonal food from a farmer’s market, your garden or the local grocers. Share some of the food with family or friends in an age old tradition of ‘breaking bread’.

May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in beauty and joy each day.”

– Native American Proverb




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