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Mindful Gardening


I was awakened by brilliant sun and couldn’t wait to get outside for some gardening. Due to a recent travel adventure that fulfilled a life long dream to spend time in Europe my garden has been neglected.  We had a fabulous holiday though and I was able to somewhat ‘quench my thirst’ for culture, art and history through many tours and visits to wonderful cultural and historical sites, museums and many, many churches. I soaked in the history and atmosphere of the locations and enjoyed meeting many new people. I re-learned that people are great, helpful and kind.

Now home, I feel a strong urge to ‘ground’ into my home turf and I’m glad that it is gardening season. I understand that many folks love gardening and the urge that I am referring to feels even more primal than planting, I feel that I physically want to root myself back into the earth of my birth. The poetry of Mary Oliver, one of my favourite contemporary poets comes to mind as she often writes about her connection with the natural world.

Following my morning ‘grounding meditation’, I think I will spend the day outside, in nature, mindfully planting, re-rooting in this physical space and enjoying the natural world.

For me, getting me hands in the dirt, reminds me of the circle of life and my connection with others.





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