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Topaz Lotus Eco Living: 5 Steps of a Sacred Spiritual Practice

Practicing Yoga


Topaz Lotus Eco Living: Sacred Spiritual Practice


On the days (and I try for most mornings), that I complete my sacred spiritual practice, I find that the day unfolds more smoothly and mostly effortlessly.

Here is what I find fulfilling:

1. I start with a slow fluid sun salutation or some other gentle yoga postures.

2. Spiritual reading by authors such as Pema Chodron, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Deborah Adele is next.

3.  I have created a scrap book of beautiful images of gardens and landscapes and I often look through this.

4,  The 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar is a way of viewing time that fits for me as a woman who has lived by natural cycles, and I generally check to date according to this Mayan type calendar.

5.  I finish with some meditation.  Some days it is a couple of minutes and more often it is 10 minutes or so.

This wonderful start to my day usually takes 15 – 20 minutes and I just feel so much more depth to living and heart centered when I start my day with this sacred spiritual practice.


in peace & mindfulness


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