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Mindful Living: 5 Simple Health Tips You Can Use Today

mindful living

Mindful Living: 5 Simple Holistic Health Tips You Can Use Today

1. Stop every hour and take a few minutes for some gentle movement and deep breathing. It may be helpful to simply take 3 deep in and out breaths or cleansing breaths and do a couple body swirls or dance steps. Some people like to bend down and touch their toes. The idea is to get your breath moving and your blood flowing.

2. Eat only when you are hungry, not when you feel you should eat. Chew each bite, savouring the flavours and acknowledge the origins of the food. These things sound simple to do yet contribute to both mindful lving and intuitive eating.

3. Sweat! Certain stress hormones are excreted through sweat or tears. Sweating on a daily basis is healthy and detoxifying. Since it is warm summer air in most parts of the world this should be fairly easy to accomplish!

4. Enhance mindful living by starting & finishing your day with some gentle stretches. Add in a ‘gratitude practice’ ie say three things you are grateful for with your day end stretch and not only does this habit ‘book end’ your day, it is good for both your body and your soul.

5. Be mindful of your thought patterns and when you find yourself ‘creating stories’ and ‘getting lost in your thoughts’ simply focus back on your breath! It the emotions feel ‘too big’, you can experiment with a ‘self compassion break’. There will be more on how to do a self compassion break in the next blog post, however, to start, you recognize that you are experiencing difficult emotions and it doesn’t feel good and you then give yourself some kindness in the moment like you would to a good friend or family member who is suffering. Kristin Neff or Kristy Arbon demonstrates this on YouTube, simply input their names and self compassion break.

Enjoy this day and heres to your vibrant good health!



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