Life, Leadership & Executive Coach and Certified Mentor Coach for ICF Coaches

Building on 20 plus years in healthcare, leadership and management to bring you values-based coaching.

With mentor coaching for ICF coaches, I use the ICF core competencies to anchor your coaching and develop your skills.

Clients and friends say that I, exhibitinnovation, inspiration, wisdom.

My Values: integrity, freedom, collaboration, community, sustainability.

My Guiding Principles and Words of Wisdom:

I hold this truth as self evident, that all humans are created equal.
I believe that power and synergy occurs when people hold a similar vision.
I believe that each person bears a uniqueness that asks to be lived.
I believe that we have the ability to create the life we desire.
I believe in sharing our time, talents and treasures.
I believe in a power greater than myself and in the harmony of universal laws
I envision: a healthy, peaceful and vibrant world anchored in a “partnership model” (Rianne Eisler) and believe creating a sustainable future for the next 7 generations is our responsibility.
I believe: in the goodness of people, in kindness, in joy, in the future and honour and respect all people.

Zoey Johnson Ryan provides:

Mentor Coaching for ICF Coaches
Holistic life coaching for wise women
Business success coaching for women coaches
Leadership coaching for women
Executive Coaching for women leaders
Life coaching for women executive leaders

Canadian Yoga Alliance

My education, training & experience: BSc., PCC, CMC iC

BSc. from the University of Alberta (1979, specializing in Nutrition)
Dietetic Internship from the University of Alberta Hospital (1980)

Over 20 years experience as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (BCDNA registrant 1980 – 2003)

BC Dietitians’ & Nutritionists’ Association – President & Board Member (1993 – 1996)

Dietitians of Canada Complementary & Alternative Therapies Network – Founding Member and Chairperson

Direct management, leadership and team coaching experience
Certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF (International Coach Federation)
Certified Graduate of Corporate Coach University 2003
International Coach Federation Member 2003 – Current; Vancouver Chapter – Board Member (2003 – 2005)
Certified Mentor Coach with Invite Change (CMC iC)
Facilitator of women’s life coaching and yoga retreats. Trained in body centered coaching.
Trained as a prenatal & hatha yoga instructor (200 hour hatha yoga teacher training with Open Door Yoga, 45 hour Prenatal with Semperviva Yoga, Vancouver), Canadian Yoga Alliance Member
Trained in ‘Excelerator Coaching’ (coach training) & ‘Legacy Leadership’ (for effective leadership skills), previously licensed facilitator in both
Mindful Self Compassion Trained Teacher (March 2019)
Tons of ‘smooth & rocky’ life experience which has catalyzed spiritual, personal development, growth, learning and wisdom! My family is my foundation.

More about Zoey

Strongly influenced by the popular 1960’s TV show “Laugh In”, my dream at age 5 was to be a switchboard operator and make a lot of connections!

With the benefit of education, fulfilling work, recovery, yoga & coach training, a long term relationship, mothering three daughters and grand mothering two darling little boys and a little girl, I understand that my early dream of being a switch board operator plus my education and life experience, translated to supporting and living a joyous holistic life full of rich ‘community’, connections’ and curiousity’.  I share this education and experience through  ‘certified mentor  & business coaching for ICF coaches & life, leadership and executive coaching’.

At age 16, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and the whole family embarked on a journey of natural, holistic nutrition, health and wellness; leading to renewed health for mom and our whole family. This was also the year that I began my yoga practice, although, at the time, I thought the poses were warm-ups for my creative dance class! Consequently, I followed my passion for the mind body connection, natural nutrition and health and entered University to pursue a first career in the field of nutrition and dietetics. It wasn’t until a major life trauma in the early 90’s, that I resumed my yoga practice and integrated yoga, meditation and mindfulness into my daily spiritual practice. It was following the major life trauma that I also realized the power of the mind body connection and living a mindfulness based spiritual life and embarked on coach training, including ‘body centred coaching’ as a means of deepening my communication skills and broadening my executive leadership knowledge and skills. I furthered my interest in ‘mindfulness’ by completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training and by recently completing a three year training commitment in the powerful and elegant, secular “Mindful Self Compassion” program.

I am an avid observer of people, socio-cultural activities and our lived experience. I am passionate about women power and success and the wise women of the world and delight in working deeply in this global circle as a leadership, business success, executive wellness and life coach. I love my family & friends with all my heart; I am a voracious reader and love yoga, sailing and traveling. I think of myself as a ‘hippie earth mama with a dash of whimsical author & poet’, who still enjoys the sparkle of shooting stars. I live with my family and pets in a small seaside town near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I can most often be found in comfy yoga clothes, my doggie by my side and reading a great book on my ipad.

In my healthy life coaching, I provide holistic and mindful ‘values based life coaching to help set your heart on fire & soothe your soul‘; with mentor coaching for ICF coaches, I use the ICF core competencies and ethics to anchor your coaching and develop your skills.

Clients and friends say that I, exhibitinnovation, inspiration, wisdom.