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It’s Great to be Back in Mexico & It Does My Hippy Soul Good!

I think that in a past life I lived on the beach in Mexico!  When I return to Mexico on vacation, it feels like a part of me is returning home.

The past 6 years, our family has traveled to the small fishing village of Yelapa on the Mexican Coast in the Bay of Banderas, south of Puerto Vallarta.  In Yelapa we fell in love with the beauty of the jungle and the beautiful spirit of the people of Yelapa!

This year, my husband wanted a different type of a holiday, so we returned to the Cabo San Lucas area, which is where we vacationed when our three daughters were very small.  When we traveled to Cabo in 1990, we fell in love with the area between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, the Cabo Real area.  This area is in contrast to the wild jungles around Yelapa as it is part of a the desert of the Baja and has a lot more vacationers on the beaches and towns.

I guess I love all of Mexico as I am happy simply sitting on the beach listening to the waves regardless of the location.  There is just something about being here that soothes my soul and as I listen to the water, the birds and feel the sun on my face, I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to travel and learn about other cultures.

So, again, I feel that I am in hippie heaven!

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations,

Zoey ~ founding hippy of Hippy Grandma Eco-Boutique and life coach for women

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