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Women & Courage and Being a Shakti Sage

“Women and Courage” and a further exploration of being a “shakti sage.”

From my perspective, being a sage includes: wisdom, intuition and gentleness, amoungst other qualities.

Intuition is an interesting one to ponder.  Much has been written about “women’s intuition”, sometimes from the perspective of appreciation and depth, yet occasionally with a slightly minimizing and patronizing tone, discounting the richness and wisdom inherent in “women’s intuition.”  One can sub-categorize this intuition as a “mother’s way of knowing”; “a nurse’s way of knowing”; “a healer’s way of knowing” etc.

Personally, I have experienced a little bit of trickiness when tapping into and planning to take action based on my intuition.  This is also a “trickiness” that has been expressed by a number of my coaching clients.  Since our egos/pain bodies/gremlins (one can use a variety of words to describe this type “energy field”) love attachment, continuity, the status quo, high drama, judgments etc; the trickiness becomes an interesting dialogue with ourselves to figure out if what we are “hearing” is our intuition or our ego.  When faced with this dialogue, which  can feel abit like a “committee meeting within us”, the following phrase can be very helpful; “the body never lies”.

So, tap into your intuition, your inner way of knowing, your wisdom and your courage.  Be attentive to those other voices that may come in.  Using your body as an indicator of intuition, where in your body does you intuition reside?

Intuition tends to be soft, gentle, neutral, flowing and centered in your body.

Ego/pain body/gremlin messages tend to feel strident, kind of whiny, negative and scattered.

Play around with this during the week, luscious shakti sages and you may find that the following questions help you in your exploration.

1. Think of a time that you experienced very strong intuition about something, and acted on it.

2. Think of a time that your ego, or pain body or gremlin was loud and insistent.  For more information on “pain body’s” read any of Eckhart Tolle’s work like “The Power of Now”, or “A New Earth”.

3.  Consider how ‘intuition’ and ‘ego’ feel different for you and learn how to tell the difference.



Join “Standing Women” on Mother’s Day & Take A Stand For Unity


“In 2007, Standing Women launched its campaign inspired by Sharon Mehdi’s story to her granddaughter about the Great Silent Grandmother Gathering. They asked that women stand together in silence for a better world at 1 pm on the second Sunday in May, which is Mothers’ Day in the United States. Almost 4000 “standing locations” were listed from 81 nations, including 876 organizations.

Every year since then, Standing Women has issued its invitation to stand together. The world seems more and more at crisis, and many of us have included the moment of standing in our Mothers’ Day celebrations, holding strong our intention that the crisis will bring us all together to create new systems that serve everyone.

Once again Standing Women, now partnered with Gather the Women Global Matrix and LightPages, is inviting us to stand together for a better world for the mothers, children, and families of the world. The invitation is to participate in a global moment affirming the unity of the world’s women on May 9 at 1 pm.

Please take a moment and go to Register the place where you will stand for a better world. Others in your area will be able to find you.?On May 9, 1pm, stand together in silence for five minutes. Consider reading a declaration for a better world following your standing.

Send in pictures, audios, videos of your standing!”

I’m going to be standing at Fred Gingell Park in Tsawwassen at 1 pm on May 9th, come and join me!

peace, namaste & hippy love for generations,


Make Friends With Your Stress!

Stressed Again!?

Are you feeling stressed?  “Wonderful” your life coach says!

Are you surprised at this response?  In our culture we are advised to “get rid of stress”, “make stress go away” and de-stress.  Many respond to this message but with actions that further the stress or distract them from what is really going on in their lives.  How many of your friends or family members, or perhaps even yourself de-stress with a glass of wine or two or three before dinner, through intense exercise, long hours at work or high adrenaline producing activities?

What if we shift perspective to welcoming stress as an opportunity to learn about ourselves, relationships, life patterns and balance?

When my client says that they are feeling stressed, I ask the following questions:

– is stress a daily part of your life or is it transitory?

– what does stress feel like in your body, where does it reside?

– what message is your stress giving you?

– how does stress serve you?

– how does stress not serve you?

– if you weren’t feeling stressed, how would your life be the same and different?

– being stressed allows you to do what….?

– how do you want your future to be in regards to stress?

Through the ensuing conversation clients often realize that feeling stressed is part of their life pattern and in fact in the past is has helped them accomplish projects and tasks.  They usually have found that this pattern isn’t working well for them anymore due to relationship problems or observable health effects of high blood pressure, poor sleep, digestive problems and headaches for example but don’t know how to “do their life” differently.

I suggest that folks “make friends with their stress” and even give it a name. Rather than  try to make the stress go away I encourage my clients to welcome it into their lives and bodies as an opportunity for learning.  In doing this many folks find meaning and messages in their stress as well as find that there is a softening of the area of their body where they generally “hold” their stress.  Often this process results in major life changes and in retrospect many say “thank you” to the original stress that was such a powerful  trigger or a catalyst for positive life change.



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