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Summer Mornings and A Life Tip

Summer Mornings and The Ambrosia Hours

I’m an early riser and was able to capture a beautiful sunrise yesterday.

In yogic tradition, the time between 4 – 6 am is called the ‘ambrosia hours’ and considered to be a time of day when the ‘veil’ between the physical and spiritual worlds is very thin.

One of my key life lessons, which provides the foundation for my self care and living a life in balance, is to get up early and spend time in the morning in quietness, meditation and yoga.  Sometimes I spend  only 5 minutes doing this and sometimes an hour.  Regardless of the timing, I find that with the days that I don’t do this, my day seems kind of rocky and I feel ‘untethered’ all day

My ‘ambrosia hours’ give me a sense of  universal loving kindness!

Enjoy this beautiful summer day my friends.


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