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When is a car like a library book?


Have you heard of the concept of car sharing? This is an idea that was born in Europe in the 1970s and has finally made its way to North America.

Car sharing works a lot like having a library card (to quote the Cooperative Auto Network’s web site). When you have a library card you have access to a large number of books and have a deadline for when you need to return the books you’ve borrowed. With car sharing you have access to a fleet of cars and a deadline for when you need to return the car you’ve borrowed.

And just like the library, car sharing does a number of great things for the environment. Those who car share drive between 5000 and 10,000 fewer kilometres each year. This reduces carbon emissions and improves air quality for everyone. Fewer cars on the roads means less dependence on oil and safer, quieter and less crowded streets.

Car sharing has lots of personal benefits for its participants as well. One of our employees here at Shakti Sage belongs to a car sharing network, and she finds that not owning her own car encourages her to walk more and to make an effort to car pool when she is using a car. She reports that at first it made her a little nervous to think of letting go of her car, but now that she’s done it and has joined a car sharing network, she loves it. She’s saving money (several hundred dollars a month!), doing her part for the environment and getting to know her neighbors a little better because she has slowed down to walk to the shops in her area.

Learn more about car sharing here.


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