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Backpacking Around the World: Thank Heavens for Rolling Packs!

The Romance of Backpacking


I traded ‘suitcases’ with my eldest daughter recently. She returned home earlier and I was wanting to ‘travel light’ so sent her home with my rolling duffle and most of my clothes. Also, her backpack has tons of very cool patches from all of her exotic travels and well, I just wanted to see how it felt; to assume her pack.

It felt damn heavy actually, although I am very impressed with the construction of the pack itself.  Luckily I had read ‘Wild” and knew that a bed came in mighty handy for getting the darn thing on my back.  Also, luckily for me, later in the day, there was a muscular Seattle Seahawks fan who was able to help me on with it at the little cafe where I had lunch and once I returned to civilization, legions of cab drives and porters were available.

I now know that for my around the world backpacking trip I plan to take to celebrate retirement, I need to source an extra light, functional pack with wheels, possibly one that comes with a porter or with Reese Witherspoon.

Initial research completed, I shall drive into my final years of work.

peace out,




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