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One after effect of having an angiogram is a couple of days of limited activity and no driving, so I was unable to attend my ‘Mindfulness and Self Compassion’ Training program the other day in Bellingham. It is so interesting to me that both events are so focused on the heart, however, in vastly different ways!

An angiogram is a procedure that investigates the anatomy, physiology, blood flow and mechanical workings of the heart.

Meditation, specifically loving kindness meditation, uses the emotions of the heart to send self kindness and love first to ones self, to loved ones, and then outwards to neutral people, finally including those we find ‘edgy’ and ‘classic enemies’ as our loving kindness recipients.

Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson in their book Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain and Body, outline studies that show that loving kindness meditation positively changes emotional states of the meditator and over time can further alter behavior toward good. This may sound expected, however, the effects were proven through sound research studies and hence have a positive potential impact for humanity. It appears that even a few minutes of daily loving kindness meditation can improve one’s sense of wellbeing.

So, it’s off to do my daily meditation …


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