More Life Balance and Being and Doing

We have been talking about life balance, being a living biological system and the “Being” and “doing” of life.

Imagine, that there are two distinct energy states in your personal living biological system ie “you”.  The “doing” state, which is the human part of you that goes along on your daily life, imagine this state as a horizontal line.  There is also the “beingness” of you, your spirit, your soul, your Divine self, your higher wise self that taps into an expansiveness, an ageless, timeless energy.  See your “beingness” as a vertical line intersecting your “doingness” horizontontal line.

Now, I want to tell you a story.  This is a story about Karen.  When I first started coaching Karen, she was in total burn out mode.  She had been trying to do the whole “supermom” thing, which worked during her thirties but now, as a 45 year old working mom, she was in melt down mode.  Her physical energy was low, which was unusual but did improve with a couple of lattes.  She had recently developed an injury but found that she could still run if she took a couple of ibuprofens first.  She noticed that her periods had changed, becoming more frequent and intense but she chalked that up to stress.  We started with an assessment of the “doingness and beingness” of her life and completed a wheel of life balance together.  She realized that she was totally focused on doing!  “Being” had not be valued in her family of origin, nor is it really valued in our culture.  Karen measured her success and goodness as a person with how busy she was!  She was totally out of balance.  She added much more unstructured time or “white space” into her schedule and allowed herself to just be.  She re-created her definition of success and goodness to include both doing and being.

Does this sound familiar?  Be attentive to the balance of being and doing in your life.  How do you evaluate your goodness and your success?  Notice in our culture how much weight or value is given to doing vs being.  Notice in your friends and family, how they are in these terms.  From that wise place inside of you from the “being” place, what is calling out to be heard?



Zoey Ryan

coach . catalyst . shakti sage

life & business coach for women

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