Self-Care Enchantments – Feb 28th, 2008

“Many women are sensitive in the way sand is sensitive to the wave, the way trees are sensitive to the quality of the air, the way a wolf can hear another creature step into her territory from over a mile away. This splendid gift of women so attuned is to see, hear, sense, receive, and transmit images and ideas and feelings with lightning speed. Most women can feel the slightest change in someone else’s temperament,  can read faces and bodies- this being called intuition- and often from a plethora of tiny clues that coalesce to give her information, she knows what is on their minds. But it is this very openness that leaves their boundaries vulnerable, thereby exposing them to injuries of the spirit.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

As women, we function in cycles from about age 11 onwards.  Even after menopause, we are in tune with our internal cycles (believe me, I know) as well as the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of the moon.    To be so tapped into the natural realm is a splendid gift as Clarissa Pinkola Estes says and can be used to enhance our lives and incorporated into our sacred self care routine.

Self Care Enchantments for the week:

1.    Tap into the energy of the changing seasons.  Perhaps you need to “spring clean”, or change your exercise pattern, or eat different foods or do some planting.
2.    If you are feeling open and vulnerable, use this time tested visualization to create wonderful boundaries for yourself.  First thing in the morning, envision yourself inside a beautiful, iridescent rosy pink magic bubble.  I know this sounds kind of woo woo but “try it before you knock it”!  The walls of the bubble surround and contain you and are only permeable to loving, kind thoughts from others.  Try seeing yourself inside the bubble through out the day and see what you notice.
3.    Shake it up by doing a “180 degree” day, that is, take one day and take a 180 degree turn, that is do everything the opposite of what you usually do.



Zoey Ryan

coach . catalyst . shakti sage
life & business coach for women
“Coaching for your heart & soul”

“I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles”  – Anais Nin

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