Strategies for Surviving the Sacred Silly Season – Part 3

This season, regardless of how one celebrates the sacred elements, can get out of control.  There are more social events, food is often richer and exercise routines can be more difficult to fit in.  With the days being shorter, one may also experience a “hibernation” effect resulting in reduced physical and emotional energy.  The result is that it becomes even more important to take really good care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Use the following survival strategies for outrageous self-care to make it through the season.

Outrageous Self-Care Strategies to Survive the Sacred Silly Season!

-    Ease up on personal expectations for the season.  Think “maintenance” rather than “results” for now.
-    Make sure that the only fruits and vegetables you eat are not just the garnishes in your drinks!
-    Be aware of “shoulds” vs “really want to” in terms of obligations and let go of all the “shoulds”.
-    Create more “white space”, that is blocks of time with nothing scheduled.
-    Take time to do something special for yourself, whether that is a bubble bath, a pedicure or massage or an early night to bed with a great book.
-    Remember to take your vitamins.
-    Start your day with “gratitude”, remember what’s really important about this time of year!



Zoey Ryan, PCC
coach . catalyst . shakti sage
life & business coach for women
“Coaching for your heart & soul”

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