Strategies for Surviving the Sacred Silly Season – Part 2

I use the words “sacred” and “silly” intentionally. This time of year is sacred in many religious and spiritual traditions. It is a time for connection with family, for honoring our spiritual source, a time for giving back, a time for being generous. Generosity is the broad theme for POW for this month. This season can also get totally out of control and very “silly”, leading to overeating, overspending and over-indulging in many ways.
So, here are the second in a series of strategies to survive the season and remember, as in the words of Julia Child “life itself is the proper binge”:

1. Stop and evaluate what makes this season really special for you.  Think of the concept of both “being” and “doing”.  What is special in both these areas during this season?
2. Remember previous years and what you loved about the time of year and what drove you crazy.
3. Create a plan for how you wish this year to be different. Ask yourself, “what has meaning and heart for me during this season”? What do I want to do more of this year and what do I want to do less of this year?


Zoey Ryan, PCC

coach . catalyst . shakti sage

life & business coach for women

“Coaching for your heart & soul”

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