It’s New Years Day For Your Soul

For many years I have linked in with the spiritual teachings of “New Thought Christianity” and in this teaching, the first Sunday in Advent is considered the first day of a new soul cycle.

So, today and in the next few days, consider your soul and your soul’s longings.  When I was doing my coach training we talked about the spirit and soul of life and business and had many discussions about the difference between one’s soul and one’s spirit.  I find the difference difficult to define using words but can more easily “feel” the difference.  What about you?

For me, spirit contains the immanence and transcedence of a power greater than myself that I tap into while my soul is more internally me, it is deeper and linked in with my consciousness. 

I noticed that in my meditation this morning, my thoughts were drawn to planning for the next year.  I distinctly heard the call of my soul as it whispered gentle yet resonating messages of “alignment”, “service” and “integration”.

What is your soul whispering?



Zoey Ryan, PCC

coach . catalyst . shakti sage

life & business coach for women

“Coaching for your heart & soul”

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