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Poetry & Summer Self Care Enchantments

Summer, nature and poetry seem to go together, don’t they? One of my favourite Poems is ‘A Summers Day’ by Mary Oliver. This past week, I have had numerous conversations with friends and family commenting on their love for poetry, their favorite poets and their experiences with poetry. There was so much interest that I would love to start a tele-poetry reading club. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thanks to Shannon for sharing this poem about dandelions! Perhaps we have something to learn from this prolific plant:

In Praise of Dandelions by Diane Corbin

‘I admire dandelions
They rise up unbidden,
dotting the land
with spots of gold.

You can’t get them out
For every one
dug from the earth
legions sprout
in their stead.

They stand up for their right
to be where they choose,
defiantly yellow in the grass.

They are subversive,
taking back their wildness
from the cultivated bluegrass,
audaciously disrupting
the mowed evenness.

When dandelions turn
from gold to grey
they send their daughters
on the wind to reclaim
the feral earth.

I was unfamiliar with Diane Corbin and knowing that many women love to know more about authors and poets as people, I did some research about Diane, see below:

“Diana Corbin divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, with her husband, their son, two dogs and two cats. She holds a BA from UC Santa Cruz and a law degree from Cornell University. She enjoys skiing, hiking and, most of all, eating artichokes.”

So, in the spirit of dandelions and artichokes, I offer some summer self care enchantments for this week which are all about how the qualities of dandelions may inform us and how mindfully eating an artichoke dipped in organic butter and lemon juice can delight our senses!

Summer Self Care Enchantments for the week:

1.Read ‘In Praise of dandelions’ again and pick out the section that has the most impact for you. Write about this in your journal and explore your inner landscape and experiences for learning.
2. Pick some dandelion leaves, clean the leaves well and make dandelion tea or wine (the wine takes abit longer 😉
3. Eat an artichoke this week! If you can’t find fresh ones, add some prepared artichoke hearts to a salad or a sandwich. Savour the taste and experience mindfully and enjoy Diane’s favored activity.

May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in beauty and joy each day

– Native American Proverb

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