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Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: New Moon Magic!

Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: New Moon Magic!


While doing my meditative reading last night before bed, I chose Pema Chodron’s book, ” Living Beautifully: With Uncertainty and Change”, she writes:

‘There’s a practice in Buddhism called Sojong that gives us an opportunity to reflect on where we are in terms of refraining and, when we feel that we’ve really made a mess of things, to put that behind us and start anew.  Traditionally, Sojong takes place twice a month, on the full and new moon days.’

Last night was the ‘new moon’ and I’m going to start using the new and full moon and  14 day ‘lightposts’ for personal reflection and ask myself  “how I have done with my mind, body and speech in terms of  mindfulness, non-violence and unconditional positive regard for all”.  According to Pema Chodron, this practice is conducted at Gampo  Abbey in a group and without ‘self criticism or blame.’

Questions to oneself may be:

1.  What’s working in my life?

2. Why? What are the things I am doing to support this flow?

3.  What’s not quite right yet?

4. Why?

5. What do I need to do to ‘ease the edginess’?


Enjoy your day and the next 14 days until the full moon!




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  1. This is great! Good points to follow and to meditate on. I believe the best way to find inspiration in life is through the core values for inspired living: opportunity, prosperity, respect, attitude, and happiness.

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