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Tsawwassen Southlands Proposal Letter of Support

Tsawwassen Residents

Please feel free to cut, paste, tweak and use the following letter to show support for the current Southlands development plan for Tsawwassen BC and send in an email to ‘’



I would like voice my overwhelming support for the most recent plans for the above noted development. My family and I have been long time residents and owners in the Tsawwassen area, and as we are nearing retirement, would very much like to stay in the area. The ‘Plan’ seems very balanced, and gives back a large percentage of the land to the Corporation of Delta. We currently live near the Southlands lands, and have always enjoyed the area, but it is time for this development to finally move forward.

I know I speak for many of our Delta friends who are supportive of a balanced plan, like the one the Century Group is proposing, but could not be bothered to voice that support with yourselves. The silent majority is always the least vocal.

I urge you to move forward and approve this proposal, and keep families like ours in the Tsawwassen area.

Many thanks,


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