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Dogs in Gortex Jackets


Here in coastal British Columbia, we enjoy a pretty mild climate, especially when compared to the rest of Canada. Even so, if you walk anywhere in the Vancouver area in winter you’ll see dogs in gortex (or fleece) jackets.

This sight always brings one word to mind: simplicity. Because a dog in a gortex jacket is such a great metaphor for the things we don’t need but feel we must have.

I sometimes talk about the simplicity of the life in places like Yelapa, Mexico and the desire I feel to be mindful about the choices I make in life, especially around the latest toy or gadget.

As we become fully immersed in our fall schedules, and life gets much busier, perhaps we could try to retain some of the simplicity from summer into our ‘regular’ lives. A simplicity that resembles that of a good vacation; less rushing, more time for conversations with family and friends, less drive to chase those things we think we need.

I invite you to ask yourself:
1. What matters most to me?
2. Where could I invite more simplicity into my life?
3. How could that simplicity improve my relationships with my family and friends?
4. Are there any places in my life where I feel I’ve got a “dog in a gortex jacket”?



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