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Sunday Quote For You – Set Your Soul on Fire

Set Your Soul on Fire

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

~ Jennifer Lee

When I read this quote I feel a bit restless, as it shakes me up somewhat and causes me to ‘stop’ and reflect on my life. At the same time, reading it gives me a huge burst of energy, like there is somewhere deep inside that I have forgotten about, that, when I read this quote, gets tickled, rewired or likewise reactivated.

I love it when this happens!

In coaching, I ask my clients to create a list of quotes or sayings, books or phrases that have similar results for them. One can then explore that through self reflection and introspection.

Some good questions are:

  • what is it about this quote/poem/phrase that has such meaning for me?
  • Is there a specific age in my past that this really resonated for me?
  • What is asking to be lived/brought forth/re-invigorated now?
  • Where in my body does this feeling reside?

My personal process with this included the realization that poetry and dancing were totally absent from my life and were elements and activities that I had previously loved. So, now, I dance more, even if it’s by myself with the music on loudly and I read more poetry. My soul feels nourished!


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