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The Circle of Life: When A Parent is in Their 90’s

The Circle of Life: When A Parent is in Their 90’s

My 91 year old father is currently in Acute Care after having a suspected ‘flu’ which knocked all his systems out of whack.  It has been a full week of observing roller coaster emotions and trying to remember to calm myself by ‘coming back to my breath.”

There is a very small ward of 10 beds that dad is in, on the same floor as the birthing unit.  Some of the elderly patients seem to be transferred to the ‘6th floor’, which I have found out is the ‘Hospice’.  We are hoping that Dad will be transferred back to his assisted living facility.  Whether he improves or whether this is the beginning of a decline, as he says ‘aging is a progressive disease’ and I am faced with considering his passing.

It strikes me that the Circle of Life is sometimes complete on this floor.  The babies come into this world, and the elders pass on.

It is a very profound time.

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